Irish Mountain
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Halloween Half Marathon

Geoff PetelkaOct 25 2022, 9:11amGood morning
I'm a helper for this event. What time should I arrive?
Robbie WilliamsOct 25 2022, 6:50pmDo u have a car Geoff ?

If so can you come at 5;30?

Might get u set up out the course

Can you mail me your mobile please robbie dot williams at imra dot ie
Derek HayOct 25 2022, 8:48pmHi, just wondering if the route is the same as last year?
Robbie WilliamsOct 26 2022, 10:01pmRegistration closes Friday 5pm
Krzysztof KudlacikOct 28 2022, 12:56pmHi,
Where is the registration to pick up the running number? Where is the best place to park a car and where is start line?
I'm confused as Google Maps shows Glensheshkin Woods in a middle of nowhere with few other possible points as Glansheskin Park, Glenseskin, or other around the forest. The GPS cords would be great :).
Thank you,
David FoleyOct 28 2022, 1:44pmHi Krzysztof,
Entrance to the forest is here:

There is parking at the entrance for a few cars but there is parking further in the forest too. Registration was in the parking area further in too last year.

The start line was actually back at the entrance last year too. You registered and then walked back.
Krzysztof KudlacikOct 28 2022, 7:42pmThank you
Stephen O KeeffeOct 29 2022, 8:50amWhat time should volunteers be there for tonight?
Robbie WilliamsOct 29 2022, 1:57pmSay 5;45
Stephen O KeeffeOct 29 2022, 3:16pmPerfect
David FoleyOct 30 2022, 11:36amThanks to the race director and all the volunteers for last night. It's a brilliant trail run and great to have it in my backyard. Went back out there this morning for some more punishment and found a Hoka Speedgoat 5 (left). If any one is missing one let me know. 085 7072421
Brian FlannellyOct 31 2022, 12:05pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie