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Halloween Night Time Races

Robbie WilliamsSep 24 2022, 8:54pmHello All,

The Halloween Half Marathon will return this October in fine style. This year there will be 3 events. Starting at 6:30pm there will be a kiddies Candy Run of approx 800m and kiddies will receive a candy bag on finish.

At 7:30pm will be the Halloween Half Marathon. At 8pm will be the Halloween Spooky 5km.

All Half and 5km runners will receive a special IMRA Halloween Beanie and receive hot soup & roll, and also drink and snacks on finishing.

Entry for Half will be €20, and 5km will be €10, kiddies race is free but adults MUST accompany.

Entry will open soon on the site.

I am also looking for a few more volunteers so please enter your name on the volunteers section to help out.

Thank You
Krzysztof KudlacikSep 27 2022, 3:45amHi,
Just paid for the entry. When and where can collect the running numbers?
Robbie WilliamsSep 27 2022, 8:02amCan pick up on the night when registering
Robbie WilliamsSep 27 2022, 8:38pmThe Halloween Half Marathon is now open

Beanies for first 200 (including the 5km)

The 5km will open shortly
Robbie WilliamsSep 28 2022, 5:21pmHalloween 5km now available to purchase
Anna FieldSep 28 2022, 8:29pmHi Just registered yesterday and already have to pull out. Is it possible to transfer my entry to someone else or defer it? Apologies
Robbie WilliamsSep 29 2022, 5:48amI’m afraid not Anna, imra has a no transfer no refund policy. It’s simply far too much work for volunteers to be doing that.

Hope you can make the next one.
Krzysztof KudlacikOct 4 2022, 12:50amHi,
Me again as it's my first run with IMRA. Will I have to purchase 'Replacement Number or Chip' in a shop or will I get number and chip on start line before Halloween's race. I'm doing half marathon.
Will the route be marked? Is gpx file available somewhere or at least picture with track?
Will I have to keep number and chip for the next race afterwards or will get new one? I'm sorry but that 'Replacement Number or Chip' in a shop confused me.
Michael McSweeneyOct 4 2022, 10:36amHi Krzysztof.
You can pick up your IMRA number at registration on the night of the race. You can ignore the replacement number and chip tab.
You keep your IMRA number for the remainder of this year and can use it for any other IMRA races you enter in 2022.
When you renew your IMRA membership and pay your €10 in 2023 you will be issued a new IMRA number.
Hope this helps.
Michael McSweeneyOct 4 2022, 10:38amAnd yes, the route will be "well" marked.
Krzysztof KudlacikOct 4 2022, 11:14pmThat's great, thank you. Looking forward for this and next races.