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Michael McSweeneySep 18 2022, 11:31pmJust a few bits I copied from the website regarding volunteering.
Lots of more detailed information about volunteering available by clicking the VOLUNTEER tab.
Just incase some of you were wondering about how to get involved. ;-)

"IMRA relies on volunteers to organize races and if you are a regular runner then you should also regularly volunteer to help out at races. Our Charter of Excellence sets a standard of race organization that we want to achieve and to do this we need lots of volunteers.
Initially, you should volunteer to be a Helper and once you gain an understanding of how races are organized, you should volunteer for one of the more responsible roles such as Laptop Operator, Race Marker, First Aid Officer and eventually Race Director.
To volunteer, you should either contact either the Race Director or log in to myIMRA and volunteer online. To volunteer online, go to the event details and follow the instructions in the Volunteer section there. The Race Director's name and contact details are listed in the event description for each event.

To check which races need more volunteers, see the Volunteering Chart.
You should aim to volunteer at least once for every 10 events that you run."
Anne-Marie FlahertySep 20 2022, 12:35pmVolunteering really is the best way to get to know IMRA, both the people and the level of work that really goes in to making the days out in the hills we love so much!

It's disappointing to see races/events struggling for volunteers and it's particularly disappointing to see some people with lots of various events under the belts but with no volunteer history.

This isn't the place where people name and shame, but I'd like to think people will have a look at their profiles and then look at the event calendar and pick a couple of events (even when next years calendar comes out) and get the volunteer clock ticking.

IMRA is a community of runners and the volunteers are what make the races and the community so special, for some people it's time to contribute more, you won't regret it!