Irish Mountain
Running Association


Robbie WilliamsSep 14 2022, 9:41pmLads .

Tom needs more volunteers for Sundays race.

Can anyone now WHO HAS NOT VOLUNTEERED YET THIS YEAR contact Tom Blackburn please.

+353 (87) 699 4976

Seriously, if you have not helped this year, only couple races left.

Do not be on the list we are creating of those that havnt !! :0

Keep the Munster Trail Running family spirit fair for all !

Thank you

Robbie WilliamsSep 19 2022, 7:16pmWe STILL have quite a few runners who have run a LOT of races and NOT volunteered yet !

This association is for runners organized By runners.

If you haven’t volunteered but you HAVE run more than 7 races well then can you stop being selfish and sign up for helping roles please.

Rob and Tricha need more help in Aherlow this weekend so if you are one of these people, you can redeem yourselves before the burning at the steak begins !

Seriously, there’s a core group that keep getting stuck helping because others won’t. It’s not fair and we do keep track , so get stuck in!