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Physio Eddie O'Grady

Andrew HowardSep 12 2022, 4:26pmHi all, was wondering if anyone in Munster has any experience with Eddie O'Grady in Tralee. I am searching for a physio specializing in nerve related issues (Neurodynamics) in the legs and feet. Been injured on and off for over a year now and getting frustrated with the lack of knowledge most physios have. It's a 3 hour drive for me , so was hoping maybe someone in the IMRA community down that way might have some experience of him. Thank you.
Patrick McGowanSep 12 2022, 5:58pmHi Andrew, the best physio I have been to was John Casey - Sportplus physio. I had a long standing issue where my pelvis was out of alignment and after 5 physios that could not help with the problem I went to John Casey as he was recommended by running friends. 10 mins in his office and he had the actual issue identified, turned out it was a neuro issue with a nerve that was trapped. He had me running 4 weeks later after having this issue for over a year. It never came back. He is a real nice fella too.
All the best and good luck with the injury.
Andrew HowardSep 13 2022, 4:32pmThanks Patrick.

Would you be open to a quick phone-call to discuss offline? If youre happy to take a call, drop your number to me by email to No hassle if you prefer not to obviously! Thanks for the advice either way
niall flynnSep 14 2022, 9:03amOn the topic of sports/running physios in Munster, could anyone recommend a physio in Cork?