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Kilmac running festival Oct 2022

Angela FlynnSep 8 2022, 4:18pmHi all
Well, we are back with the running festival and know that there is great interest in the different distances on offer - however we really need a lot more volunteers in order to run the festival safely and efficiently- looking for volunteers for both days to register early so that Graham, myself and Linda can begin to plan -messaging us near on on the day to volunteer while well intentioned is often adds to the workload.
Brian EastwoodSep 8 2022, 8:22pmHi Angela.
I'm available either day to volunteer.
Have you a preference at the moment?
Angela FlynnSep 12 2022, 3:09pmHi Brian
Thanks for volunteering - Saturday is a much bigger event so can you sign up at there please - any of the listed races will do. Graham as RD will be in contact. Thanks
Brian EastwoodSep 12 2022, 6:50pmJust put my name in there.
Graham K. BusheSep 20 2022, 3:04pmHi Everyone, We are getting ready for another Kilmacanogue Running Festival (a little earlier this year)
We will still have 3 senior races with one change.
5-Tops 1-Drop, (same as last year) mostly free route choice. Pre entry approval required.
Sugarloaf Djouce, (also same as last year) Slight change to route across Ballyremon
Long Hill, (This replaces the Paddock Lake race) The route is a bit shorter at around 12km. This has been brought about following requests from IMRA members and discussions with the committee.
It is hoped that the new distance will add to the selection of races and hopefully encourage a greater participation in the festival as a whole.

We will have details of the Junior race posted soon (This will be the same route that was used for the Sugar Bowl in August)

Hope to see you all in KIlmac soon :)
Jack WalshSep 26 2022, 10:04pmHi Graham, I just bought an entry there for my son Jack for the junior race. Will it definitely be going ahead?
Graham K. BusheSep 27 2022, 10:46amHI, that is great.
We will take entries for the Juniors on the Long Hill Race.
The junior route follows the Sugarloaf Way around the mountain. It does not go to the summit. It will be the same route that was used for the Sugarbowl in August (just under 5km)
Graham K. BusheSep 29 2022, 12:37pmPlease note the change to my previous post.
The Junior race has now been set up as a separate event.
Looking forward to seeing a few juniors joining us on the trails.
Graham K. BusheSep 29 2022, 1:06pmRegistration for Kilmacanogue Running Festival races will close THURSDAY 6th October at 6pm
That is in 1 Week.

Please register as soon as you can. Don't be disappointed by missing the deadline.

Looking at the calendar, the next race in this area is not until 26/Nov, which is 7 weeks after KIlmac :o

Get your entries now, you won't regret it :)
Stuart ScottSep 29 2022, 1:13pmHi Graham,

Sorry to be *that* person but will vouchers be accepted? I have been strategically miserly during the year! Thanks in advance.

Graham K. BusheSep 29 2022, 1:24pmHi Stuart,
Online entry only for these races.

You can save your vouchers for Powerscourt.
They might be highly sought after by then.
Graham K. BusheOct 2 2022, closes Thursday 6pm (5 days left)
Chip timing will be used.
Thanks to everyone who has signed up to run, and to those who are coming to help out.
We still need a few more volunteers please. Pop your name down, not many chances before the end of the year.

Graham K. BusheOct 5 2022, 9:46amThe days are flying by...
Shop closes tomorrow 6pm!
**Please don't miss the deadline.**
Ask your questions today.
When the shop shuts, it will be shut!
And I will be marking Friday and away from emails/forums etc.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you in Kilmac. There are 5 races on offer. :)
We hope you enjoy it

tick tock...

Graham K. BusheOct 5 2022, 9:09pmEmail sent to the team of volunteers.