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Justin KellyAug 29 2022, 7:31pmI have an transferable entry to the 80km Wicklow EcoTrail on 24/9/22 if anyone wants it FOC. I can't do it because of injury. Transfer of names needs to be done by 1/9/22.
Paul MahonAug 30 2022, 9:08amFair play Justin offering your entry FOC :-)
I organise Eco Trail with Rene and we will facilitate name changes and indeed distance changes up to 10/09/22
If anyone want to do one of the shorter distances (46k, 30k and 19k) using Justin's 80k entry that can be facilitated with his consent
Pól Ó MurchúAug 30 2022, 10:30amHi Justin,
I’ll take that entry off your hands if still availible. If so you can drop me a mail at pol(dot)omurchu@imra(dot)ie or message to oh8six- oh2ate2one99 :-)
Justin KellyAug 30 2022, 7:49pmOK sound Paul, I'll msg you now
Justin KellyAug 30 2022, 8:03pmPol, thanks for taking the entry, glad it is not going to waste. Good luck with the race, brilliant event.
Noel BarronAug 30 2022, 9:53pmI have a 46km entry if someone is looking for one, let me know if interested,
Michael KellyAug 30 2022, 10:13pmHi Noel
Might have an interest
Noel BarronAug 30 2022, 11:21pmHi Mick, let me know if you are, its still available
Derek SmithSep 2 2022, 9:50pmHi all, I have a 46k entry that is transferable until the 10th Sept and out with an injury. Let me know if interested
Erin HansenSep 3 2022, 5:09pmHey Derek, I'm interested in your entry. If I can transfer it to 30km then I would take it off your hands. Thanks
- Erin
Derek SmithSep 3 2022, 11:00pmHi Erin, that is possible for another week.
Derek SmithSep 3 2022, 11:05pmHi Erin, if you email me on I can sort the transfer. Thanks
Eoin O'SheaSep 4 2022, 9:58pmHi all,

I too have a 46km entry if someone is keen. I’m injured too unfortunately.

You can get me at if anyone interested.

Hope to go next year!
Mark RaleighSep 5 2022, 2:58pmHey Eoin, sorry to hear you're injured and unable to run. I'm interested in that entry if still available, will email you. Thanks Mark.
Deirdre GalvinSep 7 2022, 5:57pmEntry for Eco Trail going abegging. A ridiculously stubborn dose of plantar has written off most of this year for me.
Just reply with your name, date of birth, email and preferred distance, and it's yours.
Martin MullanSep 7 2022, 8:44pmHi Deirdre, Martin Mullan here, I would be interested in doing the 80k, d.o.b 08/02/74 Martin dot Mullan at Gmail dot com
Piotr BergelSep 7 2022, 8:53pmHi Deirdre
I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully you be back to running soon.
I'm interested in your entry if it's still available?, and would like to run the 30k distance.
My DOB is 29.06.1978 , email:
Thank you
Piotr Bergel
Piotr BergelSep 7 2022, 9:03pmDeirdre, just ignore my message, I haven't seen
Martin's message.
Deirdre GalvinSep 7 2022, 9:05pmHi Martin, will organise that now. Best of luck with the race.
Martin MullanSep 7 2022, 9:17pmMany thanks Deirdre much appreciated, hope you can recover from the PF soon and get back out there again :-)
Paul MooreSep 8 2022, 4:01pmI too have a 80k entry I am unable to use if someone wants it FOC let me know.
Hannah KerrSep 8 2022, 4:36pmHi Paul! I'd happily take your entry if it is able to be transferred to the 46km distance? Thanks, Hannah
Gerard KeoghSep 8 2022, 5:45pmHi Paul I’m looking for an entry for the 80km if it’s going
Paul MooreSep 8 2022, 9:39pmHann/Gerard Im happy tto put either one of you. through so send me your details and I will pass i sort it out _ I need name, email, phone no, and date of birth of the new entrant and the distance (if requesting a change to the originally booked distance).

I will put the first one through if thats fair.

Gerard KeoghSep 8 2022, 9:41pmThank you Paul
My email is
Gerard KeoghSep 8 2022, 9:44pmI’ll send the rest of my details to you via email
Thank you once again
Jonathan OwenSep 12 2022, 12:42pmHi Folks,

I have an entry plus meal for the 30km which I'm devastated at not being able to attend.

Would anyone like to take it off my hands? First come, first served and all I ask is you make a 'pay what you feel' donation to either (or both) Foyle Search and Rescue ( or PIPS (

Let me know if you're interested,

Phillip KerrSep 12 2022, 4:13pmHi Jonny, would love to take that entry if still available.
Phillip Kerr
Phillip KerrSep 12 2022, 4:22pmApologies, Johnny, looked up the ECO Trails details and transfers are not possible after the 10th September as they will have ordered personalised race bibs with timing chips by then.
So will have to pass on this kind offer.
Rene BorgSep 14 2022, 9:28amOn this topic:

I am still looking for a few experienced runners as crew on 24th September (course checker, marshal, aid station roles going) especially for the area between Djouce and Roundwood but potentially a few around Kilruddery too.

we offer 15 euro donation to club/cause/association of choice per hour or ticket value in lieu (late entry for a friend for this year or a ticket for yourself next year). Anyone doing 4 hour shifts and longer we'll sort you out for a meal.

Message me directly if interested/available.