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Aherlow 50k

Bojan PovsicAug 27 2022, 1:56pmHi, any cut off times on this one? Overall time allowed to complete? Thank you.
Robert CunninghamAug 28 2022, 3:28pmYes one cut off at 21k mark which is the first bag drop/aid station. Cut off time is 11:15 am 3 hours 15 min into race.
Bojan PovsicAug 31 2022, 10:04pmThank you. So first refreshment/water at km 21? How many of those in the race?
Bojan PovsicAug 31 2022, 10:04pmAny mandatory equipment?
Eoin Mac MahonSep 1 2022, 4:57pmIs the T-Shirt going to be as nice as last years ?
Gaelan ElliffeSep 4 2022, 9:30pmHi,

I'm looking forward to this one.

May I ask if the 2022-09-23 is the correct closing time for this race?
Robert CunninghamSep 13 2022, 2:26pmVOLUNTEERS NEEDED for the race please.
Roelie SmitSep 18 2022, 9:04pmHi Rob
Will drop bags be returned to the finish line or disposed of. I.e. no clothes in drop bags, only perishables that will be thrown away afterwards?
Can't remember whether this is a chip timed event. Is it?
Thanks and looking forward to the run.
Robert CunninghamSep 18 2022, 10:32pmRoelie, drop bags will be returned to the community centre but that will be when the last runner has gone by the last drop bag area so it may be a wait. Don't leave any valuables in these bags. Both drop bag areas will be next to a road so I will include a location pin in the email I send runners later in the week if anyone wants to collect their own bags.
Robert CunninghamSep 19 2022, 10:07amNo, it's not chipped.
Tricia TwohigSep 21 2022, 1:49pmHey lads, are ye still looking for help on Saturday…. Tricia T
Robert CunninghamSep 21 2022, 1:51pmHi Tricia, yes, if you can volunteer please do.
Tricia TwohigSep 21 2022, 2:02pmI can pull out the 50km and help instead, I’d be travelling with the girls running the 50 , so I’ll be around for the day… ye can throw me in wherever ye need me …Cheers .Tricia T
Robert CunninghamSep 21 2022, 3:02pmTricia, we don't want people to pull out to volunteer. You can put your name down for the next 2 races coming up in October, Curabinny and Kilworth. Thanks a million.
Brian hutchinsonSep 24 2022, 3:15pmRobert and team, thank you all for an excellently organised and enjoyable event. The route marking was top class and the helpers at junctions and aid stations all very efficient and friendly. Lovely route, and a real treat to receive refreshments and sandwiches at the finish, as well as showers! Race shirt will be proudly worn, thanks. Well done all.
Eoin Mac MahonSep 24 2022, 3:40pmThanks Rob and Team. Excellent Day
Raymond CumminsSep 24 2022, 8:07pmThanks Robert and everyone else who helped out today. What a great event ye put on.
Gerry McGuinnessSep 24 2022, 9:47pmGreat day in Aherlow today , thanks to all for organising a great race. Even showers afterwards. How good this it get.
Brian FlannellySep 25 2022, 6:28amResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Gaelan ElliffeSep 25 2022, 7:23amThanks to Robert and his team of friendly volunteers. Everything was very well organised. This combined with perfect weather and lovely trails made for a great race.
Lisa Quirke CashmanSep 25 2022, 8:31amA massive thank you to Rob and his fantastic team of volunteers. Perfect weather conditions an amazing route, plenty of signage and very supportive volunteers made for a really enjoyable day. Thank You!
Lisa Quirke CashmanSep 25 2022, 8:32amA massive thank you to Rob and his fantastic team of volunteers. Perfect weather conditions, an amazing route, plenty of signage and very supportive volunteers made for a really enjoyable day. Thank You!
Roelie SmitSep 26 2022, 8:40amMassive thanks to Rob and all the aid station volunteers and route marshals for making this event such a good one. Route was superbly marked. Thanks to all.
Gerard DownSep 26 2022, 3:41pmMy thanks also for Aherlow 50 KM and a question if I may ? Will this race and the Ballyhoura 60 Km results be listed on the ITRA site ? Last years Ballyhoura 60 Km is showing on the ITRA site as a result so it will rank in a runners ITRA rating which may be useful for future race enteries. So I amm wondering if this years Ballyhoura and Aherlow 50 Km will show up or if runners should lsit these races themselves ?