Irish Mountain
Running Association

Cush - Galtees

Patricia RyanAug 8 2022, 11:37amRegistration is open for this event and will close on Saturday at 6pm. Vouchers accepted on the day.
Patricia RyanAug 10 2022, 8:50pmParking and registration will be in a field at the bottom of the Cush road. Please follow the instructions of volunteer stewards. Give yourself plenty of time to get up to the start.
Kealey TideswellAug 13 2022, 4:58pmHi just wondering do you need the whistle, hat and gloves for this run tomorrow or just the jacket? Thank you
Robert CunninghamAug 13 2022, 5:25pmKealey, Hopefully not but have them anyway just in case.
Michelle KennyAug 13 2022, 6:44pmIs it possible to enter for this on the day (no voucher),
Michael McSweeneyAug 13 2022, 7:53pmMichelle,
The only entry possible on the day is with a voucher. If you don't have one yourself, you might be able to get one of someone with a few spares at the race.
Michael McSweeneyAug 13 2022, 7:56pm" off" not "of". Mo leithscèal. :-)
Stephen O KeeffeAug 14 2022, 10:16amI can't find my gloves, are they definitely mandatory for today
Sarah WhelanAug 14 2022, 10:43amHi, I’m giving a lift to a runner who is doing Cush so I’m around. I can help with that race if needs be. Sarah.