Irish Mountain
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Mountain Rescue Benefit Race

Mike JordanAug 8 2022, 9:57amWith thanks to IMRA, we will have our annual Mountain Rescue fundraising run next week Wednesday 17th August.
A nice gallop around Paddock Hill followed by refreshments in Roundwood.
Dublin Wicklow MRT and Glen of Imaal MRT will provide first aid and hill marshals on the night but we need a few IMRA volunteers to help with registration and car parking. In particular we could do with a laptop operator. If someone inexperienced on the laptop wants to try it out, I'm sure we can find an experienced user to show you the ropes.
Mike JordanAug 11 2022, 9:21amEntries are now open for the mountain rescue fundraising run next week.

We could do with a few more volunteers so if you can please sign up!

With thanks to IMRA, we'll have prizes for the top three male and female runners as well as food in Kavanaghs in Roundwood and plenty of spot prizes in the raffle.

Please support the mountain rescue teams with an entry :)
Tom McCarthyAug 14 2022, 8:21pmHi guys just wondering if race numbers and chips will be available to collect at this race?
Gareth LittleAug 14 2022, 10:20pmHi Tony, yes they will be available alright. See you then. Thanks
Jenny Uí ShéAug 15 2022, 4:42pmHi wondering will there be on early start on Wednesday? Thankyou jenny
Mike JordanAug 15 2022, 4:50pmHi Jenny. Yes there will be an early start at 19:00 so that Brendan can get to Kavanaghs in time to start his shift ;-)
Mike JordanAug 15 2022, 4:53pmThanks to all the volunteers - we have plenty now.

Entries are open until 18:00 tomorrow evening. Thanks to all who have signed up so far.
Brendan LawlorAug 15 2022, 4:56pmHa ha Mike ! Joe is giving me an hour off for the sandwiches and the raffle...

Early Start at 19.00 for anyone at 160% of usual winning time or higher. Please sign up today or tomorrow. Entries close at 18.00 tomorrow. Stuart is marking it so we can be assured of some controversy !

If you can't make it, feel free to enter to support Mountain Rescue
Mike JordanAug 16 2022, 9:59amEmail send to volunteers. If you haven't received it please let me know. Thanks.
Eamonn O'CallanainAug 17 2022, 10:45amAre entries closed for this event or can I still enter?
Mike JordanAug 17 2022, 11:20amOnline entry is closed for this event.

As this is a charity fundraiser, we will not be able to accept vouchers on the night. However, will be able to facilitate entry for 2022 IMRA members in exchange for a donation to mountain rescue on the night.
Eamonn O'CallanainAug 17 2022, 11:32amThanks Mike. I am a member, so how do I go about giving the donation on the night?
Brendan LawlorAug 17 2022, 11:39amHi Eamonn, if you see me at Registration with your ten euro I'll sort you out
Eamonn O'CallanainAug 17 2022, 12:23pmPerfect Brendan. See you there, thanks.
Brendan LawlorAug 18 2022, 8:20amWell done and thank you to Mike, Gareth and all the IMRA and Mountain Rescue volunteers for a great race last night in near perfect conditions. Thanks to the Kavanagh family too for their grub and hospitality back in Roundwood
Brian KitsonAug 18 2022, 9:21amI loved that race last night, an excellent companion piece to last week's Meitheal. A lot of effort went into the organisation of it so many thanks to Mike, Gareth and all the team and crew.

Report up alongside Mike and Rob's great contributions..
Mike JordanAug 18 2022, 9:28amA huge thank you to everyone for last night. Thanks to all the volunteers who made my life very easy and all the entrants for supporting mountain rescue.
The feedback was really good and I think everyone had an enjoyable run. Well done to the winners on the night Maeve and Warren who had great runs.
It was great to see a good turnout in Kavanaghs afterwards for a the grub and raffle and the post-race debriefings.
Not sure who runs the IMRA social media channels, but we'll try and share some of the drone footage if possible.
Results are up (thanks Jeff and Conor!). For any results queries, please email
Lots of great reports and photos up if people want to take a look.

@Mikey Fry - the lack of chocolate-based spot prizes was an oversight on my behalf. People accept my sincerest apologies.

@Brian Kitson - The jet-pack continues to gather dust. Mandatory GPS tracking devices for those who are known to often take the road less travelled perhaps is the way of the future.....

@Alistair Hodgett - thank you so much for the finish line ice-pops! A really kind gesture which was appreciated by everyone who honey-potted to the cooler after the race!
Brendan LawlorAug 18 2022, 9:44amOne or two people asked me about the Mountain Rescue drones last night. These are being used more and more by Mountain Rescue teams to assist with searching and are especially useful for looking at hard to access areas. Weather can be a limiting factor with them, but the team is getting more experienced at using them in live scenarios. So they are not just for PR purposes!

Gareth may want to comment a bit further as he heads up the Drone unit on the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team
Stuart ScottAug 18 2022, 11:23amThanks to everyone who came along to support us last night or donated an entry in advance, and to all the volunteers and indeed to IMRA itself.

Special thanks to Joe Lalor who not only marked half the course (the better marked half!) but then proceeded to go round a second time to sweep and demark it all. Very much appreciated!
Caoimhin MacMaolainAug 18 2022, 11:26amThanks very much to Mike, all of the volunteers, the ice-pops provider and the pub for another great IMRA evening. Really enjoyed all of it!
Margaret DesmondAug 18 2022, 11:40amGreat course last night! Thanks to the race director and all volunteers involved. Nice gathering in the pub afterwards, good to meet some new folk-lovely bunch/community! Definitely the ice pop was a plus at the end, kept me going the last 5 minutes dreaming of it! :) Mags