Irish Mountain
Running Association


Robbie WilliamsJul 29 2022, 6:06pmHi All

We need volunteers…..

Not running ones, but real ones.

Remember we are ALL runners and volunteers!

If you have done 5-7 races NOT volunteered yet please do your bit !!!!

If you do long races, volunteer got shirt, and also the other way!

We have had a LOT of MUNSTER runners this year but not all have helped yet … we currently do not have enough for the Nagles Half and need more.

Please of you are not racing this distance, help out please on the Sunday 7th !!!

Come on lads and lassies….. Munster has always had pride in being we all pitch in… we are ALL volunteers..,

Put yourself name down and help the whole IMRA Munster Community

Thank you
Robbie WilliamsJul 29 2022, 7:23pmGot Shirt is typo..,

Meant to say “For Short”