Irish Mountain
Running Association

Garryduff Woods, Rochestown

Conor BuckleyJul 23 2022, 2:00pmHI

Is this event still going ahead? I have just joined and interested to take part.


Gavin RocheJul 23 2022, 2:53pmHi Conor
This event will be open Monday
Robert CunninghamJul 24 2022, 6:20pmEntry open now for this race.
Adolfo GarciaJul 25 2022, 11:48am@Gavin, I had put down my name as helper but unfortunately I won't be around. There's no option to remove me from the helper list.

Can you remove me from the helper list?
Gavin RocheJul 25 2022, 1:10pmNo problem Adolfo, thanks for letting me know
Gerard DownJul 25 2022, 2:32pmHi Gavin, I live every close to the woods and can help with marking the course ,if you need help, on Friday or Saturday.
Gavin RocheJul 25 2022, 4:21pmHi Gerard that would be a great help. I will email you to sort out a time. Thanks very much
Robbie WilliamsJul 28 2022, 4:59pmThis race will be open online until Saturday eve 6pm

The only way to enter after this is if you have a voucher from 2019 that you can get punched.

See you all there Sunday
Kealey TideswellJul 29 2022, 12:07pmHi just wondering will there be a junior and kids race? Thank you
Gavin RocheJul 29 2022, 5:04pmHi Kealey
We are putting on a junior and kids race.
niall flynnJul 30 2022, 5:41pmHi Gavin. I've volunteered for race tomorrow. I live next to woods and can come down early if needed.
Kealey TideswellJul 30 2022, 6:29pmThanks Gary.
Mark WolfeJul 30 2022, 8:47pmHi Gavin, what time do you want the helpers to report for duty at tomorrow morning?

Regards, Mark
Gavin RocheJul 31 2022, 6:43amHi Mark and Niall
9:45 would be great lads
Brian FlannellyAug 2 2022, 10:23pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie