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Carlingford Mountain Running weekend

Turlough ConwayJul 21 2022, 11:37amHi Folks,

We have two fantastic races lined up in the Cooley's on August 6th and 7th. Great news is that we have discounted camping right beside the race start at the famine village (Sunday's race) from Clodagh at Coinnle Corra Camping.

You could literally play the first tune on the guitar Saturday evening dressed in your running gear for Sunday, knowing that no matter what happened after, you could still make race start waking up only 30s before.
Joking aside, Carlingford/Cooley's is a wonderful, stunning area and I think it will be a great summer weekend.

Some of the camping details:
Coinnle Corra Camping on Facebook
or Clodagh directly at 0863873964

Discount price is 18e pp. Quote IMRA

Plenty of space in the campsite. Wild campsite so hike or bike into site that is under a km away from the parking area. There is a compost toilet and a water cube for washing dishes etc. It is fine for tea if boiled.

Were looking with Clodagh at securing shower facilities in nearby Four Seasons hotel and also setting up a tent with tea making facilitie. High bumper cars can get access to drop stuff up so we'll be able to work out gear/stuff being moved to and fro.
Its a wild camping style site so plenty of room and caneasily hold 30 tents or more depending on size.

Any Questions about this post here. I'll be updating the events page s shortly.
Turlough ConwayAug 1 2022, 8:01pmHi all, Ma Bakers pub in Carlingford are allowing free use of their showers for anyone staying in the campground. They also offer it for hillwalkers and cyclists so I assume they will for runners (not staying in camp site) too if anyone is looking for one.
Turlough ConwayAug 5 2022, 4:06pmUpping this: camping contact details below
Peter O'FarrellAug 7 2022, 8:45pmThat was brilliant. Already looking forward to next year's edition. Thanks Turlough
Turlough ConwayAug 8 2022, 12:28pmThanks to all volunteers and participants for a great weekend.

The campsite was in a really beautiful spot just on the lee side of the Carlingford range, with grass paths and single/compound plots cut out across the camping area. We had a tent for tae/cafe a fire area with lights illuminating a stone wall, a starry night with clear views of planets/satellites etc.

Saturday's race is an old favourite and classic race, whereas Sunday's race was newer, shorter and a helter skelter up and down race. There are more options on the Western range. I think participants and weekend goers had a great weekend and there is potential here.

Ideas to explore for weeknd campers might be train station to campsite luggage move (minibus) allowing folk to bring bikes on train (or take the minibus) /save on petrol costs/environment.

Keep the race reports coming. I'll do a couple later.