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Caroline ReidJul 19 2022, 7:30pmHi Folks,

Just over a week to the Ballinastoe Race, so I am looking for more non running and running volunteers so this epic race can go ahead!

Eoin and Daniela are putting a lot of work into preparing the route, so volunteers please sign up. Race entries open on Sunday and will close Tuesday evening.

Keep an eye on the forum for more updates on the route this weekend! Due to the upper car park, the race start/finish has to move from the access road up to the barrier at the upper car park.

Many thanks in advance
Mikey FryJul 20 2022, 9:09amAre they planting some nice flowers too:)
Caroline ReidJul 21 2022, 8:50pmBALLINASTOE ROUTE OPTIONS

Normal route will be 11km.
For safety reasons, we would appreciate if anyone usually 160% or above of winners time, please take the early start at 7pm.

Junior/short course is 5km and will start just after the main start at 7:30pm
Route is up to Wicklow Way and back.
All under 18 must take the Junior/Short course.
Under 10s must be accompanied by a guardian.

The trade off for this great race route is that all race routes cross multiple mountain bike single track and fire roads, so everyone must be vigilant of their personal safety throughout the race when crossing trails or fire roads.

Ballinastoe CAR PARKING
We do not have the golf club for car parking this year, so CAR PARKING IS LIMITED. Please carpool from the public car park beside Pucks or Roundwood.

Please follow the parking marshals instructions, filling the upper car park first and then the car park at the roadside.

Please keep the access road clear on race night, respect our neighbours and do not block their driveway or park on their grass.

Many thanks in advance for your co-operation. Any queries, post here. Many thanks, Caroline
Eoin SyronJul 24 2022, 8:56pm-------Ballinastoe ROUTE---

For those of you who have not run this route before, a word of warning there is good 20-30% of this race that is not on trail or path of any kind. It crosses bog, swam and a river, and it, brings you through very narrow fire breaks, forest, gorse and ferns. (you can't avoid getting your feed wet).
The out and back section along the north of the forest will be marked the same as other races, and the route is very obvious. However once you enter the forest the route is not always obvious with the race going into gaps between the trees that some times look overgrown. As well as lots of turns in the forest. Therefore the route will be very well marked. With markers visible from each other. So all runners should keep their eyes open for markers all the time. IF you are running for two minutes without seeing a marker in the forest, then you have probably gone wrong.

Remember don't follow the person in front (they might be gone wrong).
Keep an eye out for markers all the time.

P.s. Mikey-What do you consider a flower?????? A beautiful yellow gorse bush? Then there are plenty there already :)
Mikey FryJul 25 2022, 11:29amSounds good to me Eoin I love the yellow stuff have lots of them all over me today:)))
Barry O'NeillJul 25 2022, 12:05pmBogs, swamps, rivers, gorse and ferns.
Heaven, I’m sold!!
Caroline ReidJul 25 2022, 10:41pmHi Folks,

Thanks to all our volunteers - I've just sent you an email, so if you didn't get it, please email me on

Registration will close at 7:10pm sharp to give our volunteers time to get up to the start which is located at the barrier at the end of the upper car park.

Remember everyone, PLEASE CARPOOL and listen to our lovely parking marshals.

See you Wednesday!
Michelle KilleenJul 26 2022, 6:55pmHi would anyone have two vouchers they could sell me tomoro night for this race please? Due to unforeseen circumstances I missed the deadline for entries. Many thanks.
Caroline ReidJul 26 2022, 8:14pmNo problem Michelle, I have vouchers. See you tomorrow :)
Mark McCarthyJul 26 2022, 9:22pmHi Caroline. I did Howth Summer at 166%. Usually around the 150%. Should I be doing the 7pm start for this. Thanks Mark
Michelle KilleenJul 26 2022, 9:44pmThanks a million Caroline! Much appreciated! I’ll fix up with you tomoro evening. Thanks again, take care!
Caroline ReidJul 26 2022, 11:02pmHi Mark,
You should be grand taking the normal start but if you have any concerns, chat with me at registration tomorrow. All the best, Caroline
Diarmuid KavanaghJul 26 2022, 11:24pmHi I'm just wondering has anybody got a voucher they would sell for tomorrow
Caroline ReidJul 26 2022, 11:28pmHi Diarmuid, i have some spare so come along and you'll find me around registration.
Piotr BergelJul 27 2022, 9:05amHi Caroline, would you have one more voucher please, i missed the registration ?
Caroline ReidJul 27 2022, 9:08amYes Piotr, see you later.
James HeggieJul 27 2022, 11:02pmHi great new race route , just wondering why I’m recorded as a DNF When I finished the race quite near the back thanks
Alison UnderwoodJul 28 2022, 12:03amThanks Caroline for a great race and to all the volunteers.
A special thank you to Leo for looking after me so well at the finish. The ice pack worked a treat! And Caoimhin for the splash of water during the race and the runner from the junior race (maybe Donncha?) who stopped to check did I need a hand.
Thanks all for an enjoyable run, as always.
Richard FoxJul 28 2022, 6:23amThanks so much to Caroline, John and the many brilliant volunteers (including the gang from the Bee Keepers Union of Ireland). It was a great race over a very well marked course. A much more enjoyable 11k in the hills than I could ever have imagined. Brilliant evening. Cheers and thanks again - foxy
Caroline ReidJul 28 2022, 7:48amHi Folks,

MASSIVE WELL DONE everyone last night - such impressive running, but especially from all our juniors! Thank you all for your co-operation with the parking - it was much appreciated.

A special mention to Alison Underwood who had a very nasty fall early in the race and still managed to complete the full course with her usual massive smile on her face! Hope you feel better soon Alison.

The event couldn't have gone ahead without such a fantastic group of volunteers. Thank you all so much for making my job so easy. A special thanks to our race markers Eoin Syron and Daniela Boehm who went way and above the normal call of duty for any volunteer as was evident from all the thanks I received for the well marked course. Hats off to them both as apart from the hours they put into the course in the weeks before the race, marking the route on the day took 4 hours!

I'll put up a race report later - I'm not as efficient as Mikey Fry who must write the report before he leaves the race! Thanks Mikey - great report as always.

Just some housekeeping:

James sorry about the DNF - I think there was a problem with your chip scanning before the race so we'll get that sorted out for you.

If anyone else notices any anomalies, just let me know at

200th race
Well done to Pol O Mhurcu on his 200th IMRA race! What an achievement! Sorry I didn't call it out at the race last night as that certainly deserved a massive cheer!

Philip Boylan, you left your voucher at registration last night. Email me for details of how to get it back.

Lost and found
There is a Patagonia grey puff jacket and blue/teal coloured fleece in the lost and found from previous races.

Unclaimed race vouchers
I'll email Ballinastoe unclaimed prize winners.

Kavanaghs in Roundwood
Big thanks to Joe and his team in Kavanaghs who always look after us so well!

Thanks again everyone and hopefully see you all again soon out on the mountains!
Brendan LawlorJul 28 2022, 8:03amBig thank you to Caroline and John and their volunteer team for another epic Ballinastoe race last night. Eoin and Daniela did a great job marking the route especially the 'Do Not Cross Bridge of Death' !.
Thanks also to the various route marshals

Only one race left in the league.. yikes how did that happen?!
Peter BellJul 28 2022, 8:08amThanks Caroline and crew. Thats was a brilliant race. Marking was Top, you could see the effort that went into it & all the marshalls cheering us on through out the course. Really enjoyable night all round.
John BellJul 28 2022, 8:13amThank you Caroline and your team of volunteers for the race last night. We won't blame you for the midges. The goodie back for juniors at the finish was a really nice touch. John
Chris CareyJul 28 2022, 8:36amThanks and well done Caroline and team for a brilliant evening's racing. Course was marked perfectly and had a little bit of everything - great fun.
Brian KitsonJul 28 2022, 8:48amFabulous evening on a fast and tricky course.

Thanks to Caroline and team. Brilliantly organised. Course marking was taken to a level of artistry.

Report up.
Sean ForsythJul 28 2022, 9:45amWell done Caroline and crew. That course was something else (even though I hated every step of that 2nd climb)

The whole event was well marked, marshalled, crewed and a lot of fun. Will definitely be back for a shot at it again.
Rachel CinnsealachJul 28 2022, 9:51amWhat a fab route and a Fab race. Thanks to Caroline, John, Eoin & Daniela and all the other volunteers. It feels so great to be back racing in the hills again on a summer Wednesday evening
Conor O'FarrellJul 28 2022, 10:53amHi James

If you don't scan-in at registration, the system automatically DNFs you. Everyone MUST scan in at every race to ensure we know they are on the course and which race/course they are doing.

Please see my post here:

Michelle KilleenJul 28 2022, 10:57amThanks so much for a great race last night Caroline! The goody bags for the kids was brilliant and much appreciated! Well done to you and your team and many thanks again!
Peter O'FarrellJul 28 2022, 11:59amThanks to Caroline and all the helpers for a brilliant race there last night. This latest version (thanks Eoin and Daniela) is really good, ups and downs and arounds and rivers and the racing was great. Passing, being passed, passing, being passed, not passing again. Super stuff.
Richard MoriartyJul 28 2022, 12:39pmThanks a lot Caroline and just to echo John and Michelle, the juniors loved a little bag of treats at the end...a nice touch
Mary CollinsJul 29 2022, 6:33pmThanks Caroline to you and all your volunteers helpers. The race was very well marked and marshalled. Clearly big effort on everyone's part, before, during and after event. Well done.