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Camping In Carrauntohill

Robbie WilliamsJul 12 2022, 2:52pmHi Everyone

I have lots of camping bookings in a variety of email, Facebook etc..

Just to make life easier… could you just respond here please with

Amount of tents and people please

Just use this thread for this please

Thank you

Ps; campers and vans not allowed in tent area but are allowed in car park next door. It is €10 per night per campers. I told Cronins that I will collect all the money for camping/tents and vans so please look for me when ye arrive to pay as it’s much too awkward for them to know who is imra or not.

Thank you
Warren SwordsJul 12 2022, 3:07pmWarren Swords - One tent, one person. Cheers Robbie
Michael McSweeneyJul 12 2022, 3:24pmHi Rob,
One van or tent ( not sure yet) , one person, for Saturday night.
Peter BellJul 12 2022, 3:28pmIll be camping 1 person friday& Sat night.
Cheers Robbie
Liam VinesJul 12 2022, 4:39pmLiam Vines 1 van 1 person if I am allowed in..
Michael CostelloJul 12 2022, 5:09pmHi Robbie, 1 campervan, Friday and Saturday
Damien McDonnellJul 12 2022, 5:51pm1 person 1tent tganks Robbie
Lianne van DijkJul 12 2022, 6:51pmFriday and Saturday night for me please.
1 tent
1 or 2 people
Linda RowdenJul 12 2022, 7:03pmLinda Rowden - 1 tent, 1 person
Angela Flynn - 1 tent, 1 person
Alice Clancy - 1 tent, 1 person

Friday and Saturday night. Thanks Robbie!
Joan RyanJul 12 2022, 8:18pm1 van 2 people for Fri and Sat. Thanks Robbie
Brian SmythJul 12 2022, 8:22pm1 tent . 2 adults , 1 kid
Kevin BroughtonJul 12 2022, 11:35pm1 tent 1 person Sat night and possibly Friday too (either very late arriving or very early Sat morning)
Robert CostelloJul 12 2022, 11:37pmRob Costello: 1 tent, 1 person Saturday night only
Peter FlemingJul 13 2022, 9:33am1 person, 1 tent Fri & Sat night. Thanks
Robert CunninghamJul 13 2022, 10:40amFriday and Saturday night 2 tents 2 adults 2 kids.
John OflynnJul 13 2022, 1:49pm1 tent
Friday nd Saturday
2 people
Petr JemelikJul 13 2022, 2:07pmHi.
One van for friday night.
Thanks Robbie.
Liam MooneyJul 13 2022, 9:47pm1 tent, 1 person, Saturday
Simon DugganJul 13 2022, 11:07pm1 tent, 1 person. Thanks
Seamus GlynnJul 14 2022, 12:19amHi Robbie - one person in a camper for Saturday night.
liam sheehyJul 14 2022, 10:09amOne van for Friday night
Sam HandJul 14 2022, 11:43amHi Robbie - 1 tent 1 person
Hopefully Friday night and definitely Sat night
Maureen LynchJul 14 2022, 12:19pmHi we have four people and two tents for Saturday night.Liam and Maureen Lynch
Conor ClearyJul 15 2022, 3:07pmHi Robbie, 1 person 1 tent friday night only. thanks.