Irish Mountain
Running Association


Rachel CinnsealachJun 30 2022, 3:23pmHi folks,

With less than a week to know before next Wednesdays race I am very low on volunteers. I've never been in this situation volunteers away! Generally people are keen to get their LL prize, do their 7 races and their 2 volunteering stints, where are you all this year? Volunteering is fun, and it allows you to give back to the organisation. Those on the committee do huge amounts of work and spend hours of their time devoted to IMRA. We need our runners to step up and give some of their time. If you want to run all the Wednesday races, then volunteer for a weekend race or vice vearsa. You should be volunteering al least once for every 10 races. These races can't be held without volunteers and the committee certainly can't be doing all the volunteering. We have many members that volunteer a lot, but some never do. We need you all. JUst pick a race and sign up. I really need people for next Wednesday night.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 30 2022, 9:26pmWowser, thanks folks. I have plenty of helpers now. Very much appreciated. There are still so many more races this year that need volunteers