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Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJun 29 2022, 8:41pmHi,

Will a map and compass on your Garmin suffice?
Is there a GPX route for the course?

Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJun 29 2022, 8:43pmSorry, ignore my ignorance.
I didn't read the race spec fully.
Alice ClancyJun 30 2022, 12:35pmgood stuff Evan! GPS not permitted on this race.

The pre-registration for Mweelrea closes this eve at 6pm...sign up if you're thinking about it! Mweelrea is always fun no matter what the weather.....!
Alice ClancyJul 1 2022, 10:14pmHi All, weather has improved in the west!
However there will likely be cloud cover over most of the mountain tomorrow and it’s wet and slippery for most of the route.
We’ve marked from a few hundred metres below end of the gully up to the mandatory point on the col, and on to the summit, so the race will proceed to the summit tomorrow, rain, hail or shine! ;-)

There are some photos of the marking on the photos tab for the event. There will be a Marshall at the mandatory point at the col and on the summit. There is a short course option with turnaround at the col. Will go through everything in the race briefing tomorrow. See ye then!
Alice ClancyJul 2 2022, 11:43amRoadworks and sheep on the road from Louisburgh...give yourself enough time to make reg!
On the bright side, summit of mweelrea almost visible and its sunny at silver strand!
Alice ClancyJul 2 2022, 12:02pmSheep delay means both early start and main start will start 15 mins later: early start at 13:15, main start at 13:45
Brian MullinsJul 2 2022, 10:08pmThanks to Alice and all the volunteers for a brilliant race today. Despite horror weather forecasts earlier in the week I’ve rarely been on Mweelrea in as good conditions. Everyone should head west next year, this is proper mountain running and the descent is the best in the country at full gas with zero chance of destroying yourself or others! Roll on Nephin tomorrow, again another reason to head west, the hardest 5km in the country, and sure if you get lost you’ll learn something about the Titanic in Lahardaun. Congrats to Matt on the win, talking while running uphill is just not fair! Seriously though these Irish champs races are what’s it’s all about for me, proper open mountain, and they deserve way more participants. I’m lucky enough that the Connacht Champs coincides with another reason why I’m always up this direction at this time every year but we need more open mountain men and women participants. If you can run a steep Coillte fireroad descent you can run the Mweelrea descent, honest!
Alice ClancyJul 3 2022, 9:41pmWell done to Matthew, Mark and Brian in the men’s race and Becky, Liz and Rosie in the women’s race...Cracking running all!
Everyone who ran the race submitted and it’s the first time we’ve managed to summit Mweelrea with the mandatory point at the col, so your times set the precedent for next year!

A huge thank you to the volunteers for helping the race go so well! Especial thanks to Alan Ayling for such scrupulous marking, to Rachel and Anne-Marie for such cheery marshalling, to Allistair and Damien for ensuring everything ran smoothly at the start and finish, and to Nora, Hannah and Fíona for all their help at the finish.

The biggest thanks have to go to Anne-Marie and Allistair and folks for all the work behind the scenes getting the weekend organised and making such delicious sandwiches!! The weekend could not have happened without you both.

And to whoever organised the sun.....THANK YOU!!;-)
Richard FoxJul 4 2022, 3:52pmMany thanks to the amazing Alice and her wonderful group of helpers who all conspired to make the Connaught Championships a fantastic experience. Everything worked brilliantly all the time from the marking of the saddle/col to the summit of Mweelrea (which, for a novice like me, was fantastic) to the swim at Silver Strand, to the fantastic barbeque and wonderful chats/arguments (don't mention Rule 7) to the swim at Lecanvy Pier to the great camping experience to the brilliant event in Nephin (wonderfully managed by Anne-Marie). I could go on and on and on. A very special shout out to Damien for putting up with Desie and me as he chauffeured us around Mayo, while also doing his first aid duties, and was so kind with his time. Thanks indeed also to Henry and Laura for also giving us lifts.
While I understand it is difficult to take a weekend away from busy lives and a multitude of things to do I cannot emphasise enough what a celebration of all things hill running these championships are - proper events brilliantly managed with a wonderful bunch of like minded folk and a great social scene which is the glue that binds the thing together. Try it if at all possible.
Thanks again to the amazing Alice and all the fantastic helpers for a fabulous weekend.
Really looking forward to next year
Stuart ScottJul 4 2022, 5:16pmThanks everyone for yet another brilliant Connacht Champs weekend but especially Alice, Anne-Marie and Alastair, without whom it never would have happened. Thanks also to Alan and Alice for marking the route to the summit - while I'd still have reservations in bad weather (in which case the race could still finish at the col), this was a masterclass in route marking and is certainly the way to go from now on!

Thanks also to all the volunteers at both races and those who helped with the bbq, especially Damien for being landed with the job of cooking again after my feeble first attempt went up in flames (literally)!

Roll on 2022!