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Wicklow Round Attempt Alan and Andrew

Alan ElwoodJun 20 2022, 9:33pmHi all.

Andrew and I are attempting the Wicklow Rond (we hope) over the 7/8 Jul. We are in need of some help with the admin so anyone up for supporting us would be very welcome. In particular we think we need help at the following road crossing (food/ water / hot drinks / kit collection etc).

Glendalough - circa 0300 Fri 8 Jul
Road Crossing point between Wicklow Gap and Hollywood - circa 0430 Fri 8 Jul
Road Crossing point between Sally Gap and Laragh - circa 0600 Fri 8 Jul

We have a lift back North at the end (should we get there!) so are contemplating the train to Dublin Thur morning if anyone is able to provide a lift to the start for 1400 on Thur 7 Jul?
Brian FureyJun 23 2022, 11:41amTo get to the start - its not that far from Dublin. If you got the train to Heuston - you could get Luas to Tallaght from there and a taxi from there would be less than 20 euro
Alan ElwoodJun 27 2022, 8:04pmHi Brain thanks that is an option I had not considered.
Alan ElwoodJul 5 2022, 9:18pmHi all. Just final confirmation that Andrew and i have everything sorted now due to some great support from the excellent fell running and orienteering community (thanks Paul, Michael, Angus, Geoffrey, Alison and Dave) and will be off on our round attempt on Thur this week at 1500 (or there about). Weather is looking ideal but due to one of us getting over a dose of CV-19 slowly and the other have an old leg injury flare up time will tell if we both make it. It's far from a given so wish us luck.
Alan ElwoodJul 5 2022, 9:22pmFor the sake of clarity for those wondering these are two individual attempts, one by Alan and one by Andrew with a tracker each.
Nigel McCabeJul 6 2022, 1:36pmLads just to forewarn you of a local road closure...

R115 is closed to traffic from Sally gap to Laragh until 18:00 on Friday 8th July for resurfacing by Wicklow county council meaning your crew for Glenmacnass CP might not have access by you will need to revaluate your kit/fuel for Wicklow gap (before Tonlagee) accordingly...

The other option they might get up from the Laragh side as far as local access will allow and walk the rest as there is a few houses on the road coming from the Laragh direction.

I've to go up and look myself tonight but not sure I will make it as far Laragh to check that side...
Nigel McCabeJul 6 2022, 9:23pmAccording to one of the workers standing at Sally gap the road from Laragh up to Glenmacnass car park is open as the workers cars/machines are parked there.
From the car park to the gap will be closed during the day but opened up there after 19.30 this evening..

Best of luck
Paul MahonJul 8 2022, 1:47amAlan left Glenmalure about 1.20am in decent spirits despite a wee glitch in the navigation reaching the forestry tracks after Carrawaystick.

Unfortunately Andrew was suffering the recent effects of CV and was struggling so he retired there to give his Dad a decent chance of making a sub 24 hour Round
Richard NunanJul 8 2022, 7:27amThanks for the update Paul. Keep ger lit Alan!
Alan ElwoodJul 9 2022, 6:29amFinal update. Andrew wisely stopped and Drumgoff as he was struggling with his breathing following catching CV-19 4 weeks ago. He had put in a valiant effort to that point and was on time but he was not breathing normally. Alan cracked on but in the mist made a stupid nav error so failed to get to the summit of Scar. He voluntarily withdrew at the next road crossing. A big thanks to Paul Mahon, Micheal Dowling, Angus Tyner and Geoffrey and Alison Collins for all their help. So sorry not to have rewarded them with a finish.
Richard NunanJul 9 2022, 8:48amWell done folks, I'm sure a great experience was had in the wicklow hills. No doubt you will both be back. We look forward to the return.