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Wicklow Round Attempt

Daniel MorroghJun 13 2022, 6:22pmGood evening, I’m giving the Round another go, and am planning to start at 5am this Friday, the 17th of June. Dan
Graham K. BusheJun 13 2022, 11:52pmBest of luck Dan. I hope all goes well for you.
Stephen BrennanJun 14 2022, 7:31amAll the best
Peter BellJun 16 2022, 8:12amBest of luck Dan! Go get it!
John MurrayJun 16 2022, 10:09amBest of luck Dan, hope it all goes well and you manage to have some fun too.
Róisín McDonnellJun 16 2022, 11:20amBest of luck Dan !
Brendan LawlorJun 18 2022, 7:47amDan finished in a provisional time of 23:30.. congratulations to him, great determination to go out and finish it so soon after his earlier attempt
Warren SwordsJun 18 2022, 11:10amGreat stuff! Well done Dan.
Paul MahonJun 18 2022, 12:21pmWell done Dan ;-)
John BellJun 18 2022, 8:59pmCongratulations Dan.
Peter BellJun 19 2022, 8:48amBrilliant Dan! Well done.
Daniel MorroghJun 19 2022, 9:29amThanks for the very kind words! It was suitably brutal & I have come away with two key learnings:
1. Long distance endeavours and me are not meant to be.
2. Even when you think that after 15 hours of vomiting there is nothing left to come up, your body will prove you wrong - producing a strange yellow paint like substance that floats on water.
Graham K. BusheJun 19 2022, 9:29amGreat stuff Dan. Well done.
Gareth LittleJun 19 2022, 10:11amPerseverance always pays off. Well done, Dan