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It'll Be Grand Round

Tom HollinsJun 10 2022, 10:02amHi

I have decided to try and do the Wicklow and Rankin rounds cycling inbetween.

There are still a few minor logistics that could lead to a delay to later in the week, but I am planning on setting off at 1230 on Sunday 12th looking at the weather window.

I am aiming for a 23hr Wicklow. An hours change and rest and then an 8hr bike ride starting around 1230 on Monday. Another hour changeover and 2hrs sleep.

Then starting the Rankin around 2330 on Tuesday. Aiming for 23hr time and hopefully finishing before darkness falls around 2230 on Wednesday.

I will be following the rules of both rounds for successful completion and hopefully won't end my attempt getting lost with my map and compass on the first hill of the Wicklow.

I will post on the forum if I delay my attempt.

The help I've received in preparing for this project from the Irish Mountain running community has been amazing. Including the name. Thank you :)

Hopefully It'll be a grand day out.

Tom Hollins
Eoin KeithJun 10 2022, 12:36pmThe very best of luck Tom. Have a Magnificent adventure.

Just to fill in anyone who doesn't know, Tom is an excellent Yorkshire-based Ultra Runner. He is a past winner of the Spine race, among many accomplishments. More importantly, he is an inspiring human being, absolutely sound, and superb company!

Great to see someone put together this nice challenge. I did actually think of doing something like this myself a few years ago, but it got lost along the way. So I'm really looking forward to seeing Tom pioneering the "it'll be grand" round.
John MurrayJun 10 2022, 2:17pmBest of luck Tom. :)
Avril ChallonerJun 10 2022, 2:33pmBest of luck Tom! Enjoy it and I hope the weather and body behave for you.
Larry MahonyJun 10 2022, 2:37pmGood luck Tom.
Graham K. BusheJun 10 2022, 2:49pmBest of luck Tom. Sounds like a great adventure. I hope all goes to plan, and you have a couple of grand days.
Tom HollinsJun 11 2022, 9:34amThank you for the good wishes. Felt pretty peeky overnight. Did a covid test this morning. Positive. I've not had covid in 2 years and spent plenty of that working on ITU. Sods law. Assuming I am negative, well and can get a ferry in 10 days I may be able to still do this. Will post here if so.
Richard NunanJun 11 2022, 9:58am10 days, you'll be Grand Tom. See you then !
Tom HollinsJun 20 2022, 5:41pmCovid Shmovid. Am now testing negative and a week in bed never hurt anyone.

Booked a ferry for Wednesday.

Now planning to start Wicklow 1230 on Thursday.

Starting Rankin around 2230 on Friday.

Fingers crossed....
John MurrayJun 23 2022, 10:50amJust confirming Tom will be starting his Wicklow Round at 12:30pm this afternoon as part of his 'IT'LL be GRAND ROUND'.

Tracker Link for both Wicklow and Rankin Rounds below.

It will also show his bike ride in between if anyone fancies dropping out to see if him pass by.

Best of luck Tom!
Brendan LawlorJun 24 2022, 11:36amTom has completed his Wicklow Round in a provisional time of 22:41:34. Next up a rest followed by a cycle to Donard for the Rankin Round.. I'm exhausted just typing it ! Best of luck Tom !
Richard NunanJun 24 2022, 1:10pmWell done Tom, super run! Best of luck with the Cycle and the Rankin!
Brendan LawlorJun 26 2022, 9:55amLooks like Tom completed his Rankin Round with 8 minutes to spare ( subject to verification).. what an impressive performance, and as for his recovery now, shur It’ll be Grand !
Richard NunanJun 26 2022, 10:01amJeez, it was tooooight! Fair play Tom! Well.done!
Paul MahonJun 27 2022, 7:16amWell done Tom - Super performance particularly given the challenging conditions - Hopefully you were able to get at least one round in the local pub in Newcastle afterwards :-)