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Djouce (Earl's drive) trail

Lillian DeeganJun 7 2022, 10:35amMorning all,

On with a last minute message on Earls Drive for tomorrow, Wednesday June 8th.

This race won't take place.

Significant tree felling is in progress about this area at the moment leaving us with issues for parking and sections of the trail being closed for the duration of the felling.

We are moving to Devils Glen for tomorrow's race. RD Peter Bell has offered to turnaround a replacement for us - many thanks to Peter.

For those who have entered Earls Drive, we will follow up with you on your entry in a bit.

Apologies for the last minute change everyone.

Gerry McGuinnessJun 7 2022, 11:04amHow do I enter now as Earls drive is not showing up as available
Lillian DeeganJun 7 2022, 11:11amHey Gerry,
We have had to make a last minute change with this one. We are moving to Ashford for Devils Glen tomorrow evening instead.
Conall FinnJun 7 2022, 11:15amThanks to Peter & team for the speedy turn around of an alternate race location for tomorrow evenings race.

Note: The Devil's Glen event is not currently showing as available to purchase an entry however the Djouce Earl's Drive is still showing as available.

How should I go about purchasing an entry for the Devil's Glen race tomorrow evening 8th June?

Peter BellJun 7 2022, 11:25amHi Conall, were working on it now. Lillian will have it open ASAP. Cheers Peter.
Lillian DeeganJun 7 2022, 11:29amThanks guys.

Sometimes there is a slight lag with the system updating. It should show in short Conall.
Peter BellJun 7 2022, 11:30amGiving a call out to people who voulnteered for djouce woods or who would like to help out tomorrow tonight. Can u sign up on the devils glen page and ill accept you so i have emails for organising jobs.
Many thanks
Peter BellJun 7 2022, 11:33amIts open there now Conall, best of luck.
Thanks Lillian
Conall FinnJun 7 2022, 11:40amThanks Lillian and Peter, that entry payment is sorted now.

See you tomorrow for some trail run fun.

Andrew HanneyJun 28 2022, 12:31pmI understand hat Coilte is still very active on this route. Will this race be pushed back some more?
Lillian DeeganJun 29 2022, 8:43amHi Andy, I’m not full sure just yet. A recce of the race route and area will be done on Thursday. We’ll see what the state of play is then and make a decision accordingly.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 30 2022, 3:02pmHi folks, I did a recce of the route this morning. There are two tree's down on the zig zags which runners will have to duck under. Secondly after the dried up lake runners take a track up to the right (about 2/3 of the way around the course. This now has lots of twigs and branches on it for about two hundred meters with will make running difficult. Runners will be forced to slow down. The race most like will go ahead. There is also an issue with parking, the top car park is closed, so runners will need to carpool from Plucks. My last issue is the complete lack of volunteers! I have no race marker, No laptop operator and only two non running helpers. This race can't go ahead without volunteers.
Aubrey O'NeillJun 30 2022, 5:49pmHi Rachel,

Sticking myself down (non-runner). Starting a new job that day so I'm hopefully I won't be kept late!


Aubrey O'NeillJun 30 2022, 5:50pmHoping*
James HigginsJun 30 2022, 9:55pmJust wondering can vouchers be used for this one. There is no entry limit.
Terry LawlessJul 1 2022, 8:01amHi Rachel, I would like to volunteer and help with this one. Can be around early and don't need to run. Terry
Rachel CinnsealachJul 1 2022, 10:23am@ Aubrey Thanks a million

@James Yes, Vouchers can be used

@Terrry, Thanks so much for offer Terry. Thankfully I have enough volunteers now, but all other upcoming races are short on volunteers.
Conor MurphyJul 5 2022, 11:18amHi All

I have never entered one of these before, I have paid annual subs and registered for the race. As this is my first one i'm note sure of the process. Is the race number normally posted out or do I pick up a number on the evening of the race?

Is there anything else a newbie needs to know? :)

Thanks Conor
Dave DochertyJul 5 2022, 11:22amConor. You will be given a new race number and chip at race reg of your first race and you keep them and bring to each race. That's it really, each race requires that a rain proof jacket be worn/carried for emergencies. Have a good read of the event page for race specific details.
Conor DalyJul 5 2022, 11:45amHi all, I notice that registration time is given as 6.00 p.m. to 6.45 p.m. Race start is 7.30 p.m. Is that shut-off time for registration correct? (am thinking that for some races reg is open up to as late as 7.15 p.m.). Thanks.
Rachel CinnsealachJul 5 2022, 11:54amRegistration will stay Registration from 18:00-18:45.until 7.15 pm.
Vouchers are allowed for this race. I am in the process of updating the website.
Rachel CinnsealachJul 5 2022, 11:55amSorry to clarify registration will be from 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm
Rachel CinnsealachJul 5 2022, 12:17pmFolks,

The Earls drive race will go ahead this Wednesday. Registration will be from 6.15 pm -7.15 pm. Vouchers will be allowed.
There will be an early start, although I would encourage people for this race to take the main start as it is a short race with no open mountain.
Due to recent felling, I have changed the route slightly, to avoid branches and twigs on the ground, the route is in my opinion now more interesting. After the dried-out lake running will run up towards the top car park and run along a lovely trail along the top of the forest, instead of running back the other side of the dried-out lake, they will then cut back down onto the original trail after the twigs and branches. It will all be marked and a map will be added to the website.
Due to the change of route, the junior course, will be the same as the Earls Drive remembrance race, From the start, down to the river and back the same route. A four km fast fire road route. Please be mindful that juniors are not permitted to run more that 5 km so the full course is not suitable for them.
Rachel CinnsealachJul 5 2022, 12:46pmParking will be tight. We will have the usual car park but the upper car park is not available to us, so we ask runners to carpool from plucks. We do not have the barrier key to park cars all down the fire road.
IMRA are providing platters of food for runners in Plucks after the race, so park your car there and meet a few runners and come up in one car and come in for the prize giving and food after, everyone in with a chance to win the raffle prizes!!!
Paul McNamaraJul 5 2022, 6:53pmHello - I've missed the chance to enter online, any chance I can register on the night? It's my first time trying to attend one of these so I don't have a number or anything
Mikey FryJul 5 2022, 7:04pmPaul I’m sure you could buy a voucher off someone for a fiver and you’ll be fine once you registered for the year ..,,,,
Paul McNamaraJul 5 2022, 7:59pmThanks Mikey - have registered now so will do that
Conor MurphyJul 6 2022, 9:56amThanks Dave see you later.
Conor O'FarrellJul 6 2022, 10:54pmResults are up. Please send any queries to

Roelie SmitJul 7 2022, 8:45amA big thanks to Rachel and her team of volunteers for a great event last night. Greatly appreciated.
John ShielsJul 7 2022, 9:53amGreat race last night and I loved the new route section, definitely worth keeping.
David JonesJul 7 2022, 10:29amI picked up a marker on my run this morning. Will bring to next event I’m in or can leave behind bar in Plucks if any organiser is short.
Richard FoxJul 7 2022, 11:36amThanks so much to Rachael (I LOVE IMRA) and the great and so encouraging volunteers for a great evening around Djouce. New route excellent and a great call to be able to change it so quickly. Well done all.
Thanks again
Laura FlynnJul 7 2022, 1:55pmWell done last night Rachel and thanks to all you volunteers who stepped up last week after you made the call. The route change was a great decision and was much more enjoyable than following the usual path.
There are only a few more races left in the Leinster League so I’d urge those of you who haven’t done your volunteering this year so far to sign up to help. If you’re not sure of what you have or haven’t done, your volunteer record is visible under your runner profile on the website.
There will be a really nice prize at the end of the season for anyone who has done 10 races plus 2 non-running volunteer stints. Thanking you all in advance.
Daniel EnglishJul 7 2022, 8:16pmHi,
I arrived at the race without any shorts! But very kindly Derek Hay lent me a pair.
However, I couldn't find him afterward to return them. Can you please contact me via the forum or at my details below and I'll arrange return.
Many thanks
Daniel English 3544954
Andrew HanneyJul 8 2022, 12:57pmwell done Rachel and co on a great race. The changed route is a great addition and one to keep.