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Djouce (Earl's drive) trail

Lillian DeeganJun 7 2022, 10:35amMorning all,

On with a last minute message on Earls Drive for tomorrow, Wednesday June 8th.

This race won't take place.

Significant tree felling is in progress about this area at the moment leaving us with issues for parking and sections of the trail being closed for the duration of the felling.

We are moving to Devils Glen for tomorrow's race. RD Peter Bell has offered to turnaround a replacement for us - many thanks to Peter.

For those who have entered Earls Drive, we will follow up with you on your entry in a bit.

Apologies for the last minute change everyone.

Gerry McGuinnessJun 7 2022, 11:04amHow do I enter now as Earls drive is not showing up as available
Lillian DeeganJun 7 2022, 11:11amHey Gerry,
We have had to make a last minute change with this one. We are moving to Ashford for Devils Glen tomorrow evening instead.
Conall FinnJun 7 2022, 11:15amThanks to Peter & team for the speedy turn around of an alternate race location for tomorrow evenings race.

Note: The Devil's Glen event is not currently showing as available to purchase an entry however the Djouce Earl's Drive is still showing as available.

How should I go about purchasing an entry for the Devil's Glen race tomorrow evening 8th June?

Peter BellJun 7 2022, 11:25amHi Conall, were working on it now. Lillian will have it open ASAP. Cheers Peter.
Lillian DeeganJun 7 2022, 11:29amThanks guys.

Sometimes there is a slight lag with the system updating. It should show in short Conall.
Peter BellJun 7 2022, 11:30amGiving a call out to people who voulnteered for djouce woods or who would like to help out tomorrow tonight. Can u sign up on the devils glen page and ill accept you so i have emails for organising jobs.
Many thanks
Peter BellJun 7 2022, 11:33amIts open there now Conall, best of luck.
Thanks Lillian
Conall FinnJun 7 2022, 11:40amThanks Lillian and Peter, that entry payment is sorted now.

See you tomorrow for some trail run fun.