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Djouce -The Ayling Abyss

Dan GeelonJun 7 2022, 9:21amFolks, the Ayling Abyss coming up next week, and if you are free, we could do with a few more volunteers.
Paul FlynnJun 8 2022, 10:33amIs the tree felling going to be affecting the race next week, or is it just this week?
Lillian DeeganJun 8 2022, 12:14pmHi Paul,

Yep, the AA is a gonner also. We are tentatively looking at moving Brockagh forward and the Abyss out to mid July. Both respective race directors are able to swap for us, thankfully.

Once I have the revised permit ok’d from the NPWS side, I’ll be able to confirm the event change. If we don’t get the Brockagh permit for next Wednesday, I’ve a 2nd swap in mind but more on that later if option 1 fails us.