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Reeks Skyline (pre-entry approval required)

Ide KelleherJun 6 2022, 11:01pmI'm thinking of taking part in this year's race would anyone have a route already on GPS etc thanks
John conwayJun 7 2022, 8:50amHi all - to whom do I email my race experience to? cheers
Petr JemelikJun 8 2022, 1:39pmHi. Pls clarify if we can purchase and pay entry or first email and wait for approval and pay after. Thanks. Looking forward.petr
Robbie WilliamsJun 8 2022, 3:29pmApproval first

No refunds you see
Ian HarrisonJun 8 2022, 3:33pmRobbie what's the email for approval?
David BosonnetJun 8 2022, 3:34pm@Ide - route map added to event page. Indicative GPS trace available at
Robbie WilliamsJun 8 2022, 4:25pmLads see thread I posted re approval in forum
Petr JemelikJun 9 2022,
There is another forum in section forum in main menu