Irish Mountain
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Kilworth Woods

Robert CunninghamJun 4 2022, 10:14pmKilworth Woods entries open, Volunteers needed.
Kevin BroughtonJun 12 2022, 6:41pmHuge thanks to the RD and all the volunteers at Kilworth today - despite my missing a marker and going a long way off course, hurdling a dog and losing a shoe in a puddle, I thoroughly enjoyed it! The course (when I found my back to it) was great, some nice fast bits, hills not too brutal, and well thought out with the wide bit at the start to avoid bottlenecking when we reached the trail
Brian FlannellyJun 12 2022, 8:48pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Damien HolianJun 13 2022, 10:08pmOn demarking the course yesterday i saw how people missed part of the course and it was totally the RD (my) fault. I am totally satisfied every body ran the same course so well done to Martin Cooney on winning his first MMRA race. Hope eveybody enjoyed to course.
Martin CooneyJun 14 2022, 9:30pmThanks Damien on such a great course. Really enjoyed it & glad it wasn't any longer. I put up a race report for the race.
Many Thanks for organising this race.
Robert CunninghamJun 15 2022, 2:27pmGreat race report Martin.