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Sorrell Hill

Martin BagnallJun 2 2022, 9:21amIt's a few weeks away but I just want to put a call out for volunteers for this race, please.

Thanks to those who have already signed up.
Martin BagnallJun 9 2022, 5:46pmAnother call for volunteers please!

I need a First Aider, Laptop Operator and more Helpers...
Martin BagnallJun 20 2022, 9:25amA reminder that online registration is now open. It will close at 6pm tomorrow evening.

Thanks very much to those who have signed up to volunteer. Just missing a First Aider now, if you can take on this role, please do.
Shay FoodyJun 21 2022, 5:47pmAre vouchers allowed at this race? Thanks
Martin BagnallJun 21 2022, 7:26pmYes, vouchers are allowed.
Cillin WhelanJun 22 2022, 10:00amHi all,

Shout-out for a voucher please.

I forgot to register in time, per chance is there anyone with a voucher I could buy from them?

Can meet in Dublin today or obviously at the run later.


Michael bagnallJun 22 2022, 1:12pmHi Cillin
I'll be around later and am using a voucher, I have a spare.
Martin BagnallJun 22 2022, 4:40pmI hope everyone is all set for what is looking like a warm run this evening! The views of the lakes on the descent will be worth it.

If possible, please have exact change for the parking collection, cheers.
Brendan LawlorJun 23 2022, 9:47amWell done and thank you to Martin and his team of volunteers for a fantastic race at Sorrell Hill last night ! What a lovely descent on that springy ground .. boing boing!
Martin BagnallJun 23 2022, 12:21pmA huge thank you to all of the volunteers for last night, thanks for doing a brilliant job and for taking the time to allow others to enjoy the hills. Thank you also to the committee for all the behind the scenes work that make races like these possible.

Well done to the winners and everyone who ran, there were some great battles judging by the fast finishes!
Warren SwordsJun 23 2022, 12:35pmThanks to Martin and team for a great race. My legs are still burning.

Great route as always and the addition of the trail through the trees was great.

Class time by Ruairi, a mere 10 seconds off the course record set by Des...perhaps he didn't enjoy the slower tree section in retrospect!
Turlough ConwayJun 23 2022, 12:58pm'twas a great time last night and I had a good view of the brilliant Des destroying the field in 2013. Think records may show though that Paul Nolan (arguably the most prolific mountain runner in IMRA races) has run 39 low in 1999.

I have a feeling perhaps Deon McNeilly from Newcastle AC may have run even faster but the old IMRA site seems to be gone and can't confirm.
Joe LalorJun 23 2022, 1:08pmTurlough, all results from old site to be found on "archive" tap on home page, although some links broken.
Warren SwordsJun 23 2022, 1:12pmI did see Paul's time but the race description says it finished on open mountain, so presumed it was a different course.

But reading it again, I think the description is just describing first half of race so Paul looks to be the record holder.

Great to see people challenging the times of imra legends.
Turlough ConwayJun 23 2022, 1:14pmThanks Joe:

So a 36:43 in 1987 from John Lenihan.

I see Caitlin Bent ran and herself or Joe may no if course has changed in any significant way since.
Paul SmythJun 23 2022, 1:37pmThere are two key changes in the route that make these comparisons essentially meaningless.

The section running through the new plantation beside the fence is a quite a recent innovation. Originally the route went outside the fence where the going was much faster but which required crossing an extra fence just before the point where the current route comes out onto the open.

Even more significant, is that, again until relatively recently, the main climb from the flat shoulder to the summit used to be a very narrow, twisty, and rocky groove. This is now a broad track and is way faster both up, and even more so, down.
Caitlin BentJun 23 2022, 4:24pmI agree with Paul that the running was slower staying on the forest side of the fence. The track up to the summit of Sorrel Hill has become eroded over time and I believe that the decent is slower now.
Go raibh maith agat Martin and team for your hard work last night!
Don’t ya just love Rose Zeller’s sandwiches !