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Hill Races in Donegal/NorthWest

John Anthony MelvinMay 17 2022, 10:15amHi all,

Are any of you aware of any hill races that may be taking place in Donegal, or in the general North West over the summer?

There seems to be a distinct lack of races in this area on the events page, and given the suitability of the terrain, I'm finding that difficult to believe! I know the Seven Sisters is an option, but I'll not be back for that in a few weeks time.

Any insight would be appreciated.

— John
Julie McNameeMay 17 2022, 10:55amHi John,
Not much going on in Donegal, but there is a Slieve League race, 13k or 25k, on 15th October by Excel Sports.
John Anthony MelvinMay 17 2022, 4:49pmThanks Julie.

That's a shame there's not much going on. It could be fun to organise one in the not-too-distant future... I'll have to do some research first.
Anne-Marie FlahertyMay 18 2022, 9:49amHi John,

I've been trying to figure out the logistics or putting on a race in Sligo/North West.

Getting appropriate number of volunteers to safely host a race and transferring the race kit are the main issues I can see.

The race calendar is packed as it is, but if there were a few others in the area who would be interested in trying to sort out something out, even for 2023, I'd be wiling to get stuck in.
Turlough ConwayMay 18 2022, 10:10amHi Folks

I have been looking at putting a race (IMRA) on in Sligo this July 23/24. Idea is to get a race in, and build from there.
Not a done deal yet, but why don't we touch base to progress?
David RouseMay 18 2022, 12:54pmYeatsman who'd like to help: dave rouse at g mail dot com
Turlough ConwayMay 18 2022, 3:47pmsend on a message dave.

I'm at turlough conway at g mail dot com . If the few in this thread and anyone else interested could touch base would be great
John Anthony MelvinMay 18 2022, 5:30pmHi Turlough, I'm happy to help! Will send you a message.
Gaelan ElliffeMay 18 2022, 8:16pmI reached out to organise a race in the Slieve Blooms and got very good support. With regards to a race in the NW, go for it I say. You'd be surprised with how many people might be able to help out.

The Slieve Blooms is only one hour from Dublin and only a stones throw from Tipperary so its not as far as the N/W but I'd be surprised if there were not more mountain living runners in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal or with family back there. The mountains up there are fantastic.

Regarding a busy calendar of events. It's one for committees to decide but with regards to people attending I can't see there being a problem with a race in Sligo pulling too many people from a race in Cork.

Best of luck with the race if it goes ahead.
Turlough ConwayMay 19 2022, 1:40pmGood convo going on in background. Could you give me a shout at the email above Anne-Marie and anyone else interested?
Anne-Marie FlahertyMay 19 2022, 1:49pmSent an email to yourself and David last night :)