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Mikey FryMay 14 2022, 10:33amWell people of Imra while the wickow way relay lashes on just want to put a shout out to more help for this race laptop crew please first aid to get race going then the usual he’ll please helpers for regy stuff marshes for coarse it’s all there all you need to do is put your name done to help please..thanks mikey
Mikey FryMay 23 2022, 9:01pmGetting close to race just over a week people still need laptop crew and first aid and good few more helpers please as you know we need all these to go ahead with race…

Thanks mikey
Sean ForsythMay 24 2022, 7:22pmHey Mikey, I'll switch to doing the laptop..would just need the obligatory crash course

Have a fair idea on it just need to be sure I won't mess it up
Gavan DohertyMay 24 2022, 8:58pmHi Sean (& Conor?),

I'm in a similar boat having volunteered to do laptop for Scarr at the end of June except I've no idea how the laptop system works.

If there's any training going I'll gladly take it!!

If anyone else is thinking of doing laptop maybe put yourself down as laptop operator soon (or shadow laptop operator indicates you'd like to learn) and hopefully a group of us can do some training?
Mikey FryMay 24 2022, 9:24pmThanks so much Sean for taking on lap top(Gavin I’m sure you’ll be able to give Sean some help in this department) and mick for doing first aid just some more helpers running r none running will do nicely thanks guys:))
Brian FureyMay 24 2022, 9:58pmSean Gavin I'm down as helper. Will do marshalling or whatever. I did the laptop a few weeks ago. Could give ye the ,5 to 10 Min tutorial before hand on how to
Mikey FryMay 24 2022, 10:14pmGood man Brian thanks:)
Mikey FryMay 28 2022, 4:31pmJust a couple more volunteers pkease:))
Mikey FryMay 28 2022, 8:43pmThat’s perfect guys have enough volunteers now I’ll email you all with a plan tomorrow :))
Mikey FryMay 30 2022, 6:51pmThanks Tim I have enough volunteers try for a different race thanks;)
Mikey FryMay 30 2022, 6:54pmAlso guys just a reminder to car pool from Kavanghs pub please car spaces can be tight we may have to ask you to drive to laragh and run back if we’re full…
Thanks mikey
Mikey FryJun 1 2022, 11:40pmThanks so much for all the help tonight guys couldn’t have done it without you glad you all enjoyed race well done…

Conor O'FarrellJun 2 2022, 12:54amHi All

Results are now up. For any queries, please contact

Peter BellJun 2 2022, 8:15amMassive thanks Mikey machine for putting on another enjoyable IMRA race, glorious evening on d hills and the feeds in the pub where much appreciated.
Hugh McDowellJun 2 2022, 8:32amThanks to Mikey for organising and to all of the volunteers, spectacular evening to be on the hills.
Martin BagnallJun 2 2022, 9:17amThanks Mikey and team for a brilliant race. Well organised and a great evening for it.

Thanks Mick for patching me up afterwards!
James H CahillJun 2 2022, 10:30amThanks Mikey and all the volunteers for a great expedition onto to slopes of Trooperstown and super much appreciated sandwiches, sausages and chips afterwards. Great evening. Thank you all.
Roelie SmitJun 2 2022, 1:12pmThanks to Mickey and all the volunteers for a great event. A lovely evening in the hills.
Roelie SmitJun 2 2022, 1:14pm*Mikey - damn autocorrect.
Warren SwordsJun 2 2022, 6:36pmThanks Mikey and team for a great evening. Brilliant night of racing. I may be in the minority but I prefer the summer course. Threw up a race report
Brían O'MearaJun 2 2022, 7:24pmGreat race last night, nice course, lovely conditions.
Conor O'FarrellJun 2 2022, 7:52pmNice report Warren. I hope you get a new pair of shorts before the next NFT, or the value could plummet!