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Frogg Toggs Xtreme Lite Jacket for sale

Eamonn HodgeMay 14 2022, 6:58amHi all, I have a brand new rain jacket for sale. Cost me 86 euro delivered. Size small. Yours for 50 quid!

It is nice and light and well reviewed but I was looking for something ridiculously thin that I see people carrying in their fist on Wednesday night races. Any recommendations in that regard?!

Dara O'BrienMay 14 2022, 8:14amHi Eamonn,

I have an asics metarun lite jacket which has taped seams but is very light and thin. It folds into a pouch in its waistband to something about the size of your fist so carrying it is handy. I got it on If you're not planning on wearing it for hours running in the mountains then I'd say it would meet your requirements. I think it was about €70 if memory serves me.
Eamonn HodgeMay 15 2022, 9:52pmThanks Dara I ordered the Asics there. Thanks for the recommendation.
Dara O'BrienMay 15 2022, 10:36pmAh good stuff, I'm fairly sure you'll be happy with it. Happy running!!