Irish Mountain
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Trials For European Championships and Snowdon

Barry McEvoyMay 5 2022, 12:36pmHi,

I have put up my race report for those that are interested.
Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers for putting on a great race.
Can't beat drinks and sambos out of a Car boot!

Warren SwordsMay 5 2022, 2:48pmThat's a brilliant race report Barry.
Elizabeth WheelerMay 5 2022, 4:04pmLoved every word of that Barry...gripping...and absolute proof that you get out what you put in...congratulations!
Deirdre GalvinMay 5 2022, 7:50pmLove this, so refreshingly honest about the preparation and the ambition. Huge well done on all counts.
Michael BligheMay 5 2022, 8:49pmReally enjoyed reading this - great insight into what it takes to compete at that level.

It was such a pleasure watching all the athletes on the day - huge congratulations to all who competed. They were all so impressive.
Graham AhearneMay 5 2022, 11:27pmInspiring read - Such attention to detail in the prep and execution. Thanks for taking the time to share and well done on a great race win.
Brian KitsonMay 7 2022, 10:43amRead it twice Barry. Superb.
Jennifer ELVINMay 7 2022, 4:05pmGreat report Barry! Loved re-living that race.... it was all a bit of a blur for me.
And fantastic to hear you on Trail Running Ireland podcast. I'm going to get myself on Errigal this weekend now. :-)
Andrew HanneyMay 9 2022, 7:44pmBrilliant report and two reports for the price of one too. Well done that man.
Paul TwomeyMay 12 2022, 8:05pmInspiring as always Barry, keep up the great work.