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Wicklow Round Attempt

Richard KilfeatherMay 4 2022, 6:14pmHi Everyone,

Looking to notify an attempt at the Wicklow Round on Saturday 11th June commencing at 0100.

It is a group attempt by:
David Foley
Mick Mercer
Donal Burke
Richard Kilfeather
Stephen BrennanMay 4 2022, 8:48pmAll the best
Graham K. BusheMay 4 2022, 8:57pmBest of luck everyone
Peter BellMay 5 2022, 8:01amBest of luck to you lads, enjoy it!
Jim WalshMay 5 2022, 3:20pmBest of luck!
Richard KilfeatherMay 15 2022, 5:42pmHi Everyone thanks for the messages very much apprecaited.

Could I check the final logs support point please.

"Road Crossing point between Tonduff North and Prince Williams Seat"

There are two roads the L1013 and L1011

We are selecting Cloon Wood Car Park on the L1011

Could we check if this is OK please ?
John J BarryMay 19 2022, 1:58pmRichard, I had to check the map to see what you meant.

You're perfectly okay with logistics at Cloon Wood / Millennium Wood Car Park. A nice spot before the final climb to Prince William.

I suppose you have your recces done between "Tonduff North and Prince Williams Seat". Not straight forward
Richard KilfeatherToday, 10:30amHi John,

Many thanks for your reply.

We have completed a few Recces at this stage so hopefully we will be ok on the day.

Thanks again for the feedback