Irish Mountain
Running Association

Wicklow Round

Jim WalshMay 1 2022, 2:39pmHi Folks,
Going to kick off a round attempt at 0300 on 07/05.

Many thanks to Richard and everyone at IMRA for facilitating the Adventure!
Graham K. BusheMay 1 2022, 2:47pmBest of luck, I hope all goes well for you.
Jim WalshMay 1 2022, 5:33pmMany thanks Graham!
Patrik AlbertssonMay 1 2022, 7:07pmGood luck! Hope you get the nice weather!
Stephen BrennanMay 2 2022, 9:04amAll the best - have fun
Niall GibneyMay 5 2022, 8:25pmGood luck Jim ! Hope the weather is kind . Thanks for the positive words of support on Sunday past , much appreciated. Have fun out there
BrĂ­an O'MearaMay 6 2022, 9:30pmBest of luck Jim. Hope the weather smiles on you, and that you make last orders...
Jim WalshMay 8 2022, 7:03pmMany thanks for the kind words folks. Pacing was off. I know what I need to do next time