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Wicklow Round attempt

Niall GibneyApr 24 2022, 11:07amHi there
I’m hoping to attempt the round next Sunday 1st May starting 3am
Niall Gibney
Richard NunanApr 24 2022, 12:40pmBest of Luck Niall !
Graham K. BusheApr 24 2022, 4:48pmBest of luck Niall. The first of 2022! I hope all goes well for you.
Gareth LittleApr 24 2022, 6:04pmGood luck, Niall!!
Stephen BrennanApr 24 2022, 6:23pmAll the best
Peter BellApr 24 2022, 8:59pmGood luck Niall, enjoy it!
John MurrayApr 25 2022, 9:37amThe very best of luck Niall, have fun!
Jim WalshApr 26 2022, 3:05pmBest of luck!
Niall GibneyApr 28 2022, 9:02pmThanks lads
Here’s the link for the dot watchers !
Thomas RocheApr 29 2022, 10:06amGood luck Niall!!!
Avril ChallonerApr 29 2022, 10:26amBest of luck Niall! Hope the weather is kind to you. Enjoy it :)
Jim WalshMay 2 2022, 6:11amWell done Niall. You had shocking weather up there. You should be very proud of this!
Brian KitsonMay 2 2022, 7:21amCongratulations Niall. That is a great achievement given the nasty conditions.
Stephen BrennanMay 2 2022, 8:15amStrong all the way. Great Round - well done
Eoin Mac EochaidhMay 2 2022, 8:28amWell done Niall. Great stuff.
Richard NunanMay 2 2022, 10:50amGreat run Niall! Some finish in that weather.Congrats on completing the Wicklow Round!
David FoleyMay 3 2022, 5:14pmTop class Niall. Congratulations. Inspiring those of us who aspire to the Round some day.
Paul MahonMay 3 2022, 6:23pmWell done on your Wicklow Round success Niall :-)
Niall GibneyMay 3 2022, 7:20pmThanks again everyone!