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Euro 42km Trial @Ballyhoura

Robbie WilliamsApr 21 2022, 8:53pmHi Runners

If you plan an giving this Marathon trial a shot please email me or comment here

I need to order trackers for those who are trialing.

Please mail or comment here even if you did so already a few weeks ago

Thank. You
Dillon McEvoyApr 22 2022, 5:45pmHi Robbie,

I’m aiming to give it a crack.

Ross ReillyApr 22 2022, 7:24pmhi Robbie I am also going to give the trial a shot thanks
Edward O connorApr 22 2022, 7:35pmHi Robbie. I'll be trialling aswel. Thanks
john mckeoghApr 23 2022, 8:29amHey Robbie,
I'll give it a shot too.
Marcus BishopApr 24 2022, 11:41pmHi Robbie,
I'll give the trial a crack. Cheers,
Gerry FarrellApr 25 2022, 8:56pmHi guys please excuse my ignorance but what is trialing? Thanks
Graham K. BusheApr 25 2022, 10:16pmHi Gerry, occasionally a general race may be used to select athletes to represent Ireland at international events. Athletes who wish to enter this race to "try out" for a place should make their intentions known as the earlier comment says. The event page gives more detail
The first time I saw "Trial Race" I thought it was a typo and should have been "Trail Race"... oops! Thankfully I read the details :)
Gerry FarrellApr 26 2022, 8:45amMuch appreciated Graham thank you.