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Photo uoloads

Damien McDonnellApr 19 2022, 5:59pmHi trying to upload photos fron Sundays race, keeps telling me upload failed any advice please thank you
Eoin KeithApr 19 2022, 6:18pmHi Damien, is the site giving you any useful error messages? (and please post the text here if it is)
Damien McDonnellApr 19 2022, 6:47pmHi Eoin, no messages just upload failed anytime we try
Eoin KeithApr 19 2022, 6:51pmOK, thanks. I'll hopefully have a look at this issue soon when I get the chance
Eoin KeithApr 20 2022, 9:14pmHi Damien,

I've made a few changes to the website that I'm hoping will have helped/ If you could try to upload photos again and let me know either way if it works that would be great. Thanks!
Damien McDonnellApr 20 2022, 9:36pmHi Eoin

Still not letting me upload photos. No error messsges just upload failed
Kevin O'RiordanApr 20 2022, 10:23pmHi Damien,

Photo uploads should be working again now.

Damien McDonnellApr 20 2022, 10:39pmHi Kevin

Thanks very much uploading now