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Dave DochertyApr 19 2022, 9:07amMorning All. With about two weeks to go, this is a shout out for volunteers please. Laptop team, first aid and race marking positions are all available. Thanks

Dave DochertyApr 21 2022, 9:00amStill looking for volunteers folks. There is risk of the race being cancelled if we don't have enough people.
Sarah BradyApr 21 2022, 9:06amAre running volunteers any use Dave? Was hoping to run this one but can help too.
Conor NolanApr 21 2022, 9:16amI can mark the route if that's a help. Though not having done it before I could use some guidance.
Dave DochertyApr 21 2022, 10:02amThanks Conor. I'll send you a mail. But you can look over whats involved in each volunteering role on the volunteers page on this website.
Gary Mason81Apr 22 2022, 10:29pmHi Dave, im working until 6, could be at johnny foxes by 6:30ish if thats any good to you, im happy to volunteer
Dave DochertyApr 23 2022, 1:36am@Gary. That will be great. Thanks for volunteering.
Dave DochertyApr 23 2022, 1:38am@Sarah. Yes. All volunteers welcome running or not. Will be a busy race. Thanks.
Dave DochertyApr 25 2022, 8:02amStill need a few more non running volunteers for PWS please, including the all important laptop team. Thanks

Aubrey O'NeillApr 25 2022, 4:14pmWas hoping to race but I've decided I'm too crippled to run and therefore will go down as a non-running volunteer!
Thomas RocheApr 25 2022, 5:26pmStick me down for a volunteer please
Andrew HanneyApr 25 2022, 5:50pmto volunteer, just login and on the event page, go to the volunteer option at the end .
Dave DochertyApr 25 2022, 6:04pmThanks folks. Keep em coming. Still looking for a Latop crew.
Dave DochertyApr 26 2022, 12:10pmStill need some more volunteers please. And the all important laptop crew. Thanks
Dave DochertyApr 27 2022, 10:15amWe are a week out from the PWS race. This race usually runs with an average of 18-20 volunteers. Right now we have 10!! If you know people who don't read the forum please let them know that we need more volunteers. As do plenty of other races. Thanks.
John ShielsApr 27 2022, 11:48amI put myself down as a running volunteer but can do a non running role if you need me to Dave
Dave DochertyApr 27 2022, 11:53amThanks John and the few others who took the not so subtle hint. Few more still needed and laptop crew.
Dave DochertyApr 28 2022, 4:21pmWe have enough volunteers now. There are plenty of other races need help. Thanks.

Eoin McDonnellApr 29 2022, 12:03pmHello,

Can I ask for some advice, please?

A friend recommended the IMRA to me. I have been road-running for about 20 years. One marathon in 2019; a second planned for June of this year. I have done some trail running around Ticknock and did the Gaelforce Kippure run a few weeks ago. I'm slow-ish but the run went well.

As a first IMRA run, is this a good one to do?

Thanks for any advice,

Stuart ScottApr 29 2022, 12:29pmHi Eoin. You'll be grand! All the Wednesday evening races are perfect for beginners as they're well marked, not too long and reasonably dry underfoot. You'll be a good bit slower on the hills than on the road but once you're able to run 5-10k on the flat then you'll manage fine. There's a huge range of abilities in IMRA - take a look at previous year's results to get an idea of finish times. Enjoy!
Dave DochertyApr 29 2022, 12:33pmHi Eoin,

YES! You take it as hard or as easy as you like. We have runners of all ages and abilities in the races. All the races in this league are a mix of fire road, forest trail, hills, rocky trails etc. The races are designed to get the best route possible from each location. If you don't feel comfortable on a certain terrain, take it easy or walk. There is no judgement and nobody expecting you to sprint. Come along and have a laugh. Read the rules regarding new members etc....Hopefully see you next Wednesday.

Eoin McDonnellApr 29 2022, 2:19pmAh, great! Thanks for the fast reply and the reassurance. I think I'll take it superslow for a while - I've no urge to injure myself!

I have just bought membership.

Sorry if I am being really dopey...... how do I register and pay?

It says no cash and to use vouchers... but the Shop says that no vouchers are available. The event page says that entries will open at 9am on the 5th??
Dave DochertyApr 29 2022, 5:53pmNo bother. Once you have annual membership sorted, sounds like you do. Look on the event/race page. Top right of the page says when race entry opens. It usually a week before the race. At this point it will be available for purchase in the website shop. Entry closes the evening before the race. You'll get a confirmation email. Whe you to the race your name will be ticked off the list. You pick up your number and timing chip at the first race and keep for the year.
Dave DochertyApr 29 2022, 5:57pmWith the vouchers. You used to be able to buy voucher card with multiple entries on it. They get punched at race reg. Very handy if you miss online entry. They are not being sold at the moment. But there still plenty in circulation. So still being accepted. It's very common for runners to buy a punch from another runner in the race reg que.
Dave DochertyMay 2 2022, 9:50pmPWS race entry opened yesterday. Closes tomorrow evening.. If ye want in get on it. Didn't think I'd have to campaign for runners as well as volunteers.
Diana Whelan PorterMay 3 2022, 9:00amHi, I see that there are only major junctions marked on this route. How does this work in practice? Will we be given a map with the full route?
Dave DochertyMay 3 2022, 9:51amHi Diana. The route is marked for the most part. If you come to a junction and it is not marked and or marshaled, turn back you are off course. Part of the challenge of IMRA races is following the course. However, saying that, the Wednesday night courses are usually very well marked and Marshaled. Unlikely to get lost. But does happen sometimes. If you are not accounted for at the finish we will come find you. In emergencies the phone number on the back of your race number will be the race directors.
Diana Whelan PorterMay 3 2022, 10:18amThanks Dave,
That’s reassuring. I did think navigation might be a part of some of the races, but not having a map of the route would have been a challenge unless it was marked/marshalled! Hopefully there might also be other people not too far in front of me to follow, but I couldn’t rely on that!
Muireann CodyMay 3 2022, 10:22amWill there be an early start?
Dave DochertyMay 3 2022, 10:36am@ Diana. IMRA mantra is "follow the tape, not the runner"
Dave DochertyMay 3 2022, 10:39am@Muireann. Yes, 1900 for early start. If you are tight for time race reg we will let early starters skip the que. Just be nice about it. Thanks
Muireann CodyMay 3 2022, 3:43pmHi Dave,
Thanks a mill.
Brian KitsonMay 4 2022, 11:06pmGreat evening of running. First LL race in a while and it was a sweet beautiful evening in the hills.

Would have been good to see a few more back at the pub for the social part of it afterwards but great to catch up with folks again.

Thanks to Dave and all the brilliant volunteers. Top job, I really appreciate it.
Caitlin BentMay 5 2022, 5:39amThanks for a great evening at Prince William’s Seat & Ravens’ Rock Dave & crew. Sorry I missed out on the pub.
Gavin DunneMay 5 2022, 7:26amThanks to Dave and all the volunteers. Really enjoyable and tough race.
Peter BellMay 5 2022, 7:58amBig thanks to Dave and his crew last night. Really enjoyed it. Marking was great and Marshalls encouraging us all as we struggled up the hills. Wednesday nights are the best! Nice one.
Gary BradyMay 5 2022, 9:15amThanks to all the volunteers and race director last evening. Cracking evening to be up in the hills. Great job all. Hugely appreciated.
Eoin McDonnellMay 5 2022, 9:33amBig shout out to all the volunteers last night.

It was my first IMRA run and it was great fun.

(Though my hamstring is not happy today - ice packs at the ready)
Caoimhin MacMaolainMay 5 2022, 10:24amThanks very much Dave and all of the volunteers last night - it was a great race, brilliantly organised. I know how much time and trouble the race marker went to before the event and it showed on the night - route was really well marked and marshalled.
Brian FarrenMay 5 2022, 10:43amThanks Dave and volunteers. Great night. Loved the new twist on old route, and new sections of the forest.
Stuart ScottMay 5 2022, 10:44amWell done Dave for a flawless outing last night. Very slick! And well done to Conor and Mike on the new route design - the first section through the forest was inspired!
Sean ForsythMay 5 2022, 10:59amThanks Dave and crew for the race last night. It was a great route, very well marked and marshalled. The views were absolutely stunning as well and thanks to all those who helped pack up my car last night too, very much appreciated.
Conor NolanMay 5 2022, 11:27amYesterday was my first time to stick my nose above the parapet. Great experience. Thanks to Mike for the mentoring and sorry to Warren for tying the tape so tight :)
Well done Dave - like a conductor he just gestured and things happened. Of course that calm belied the weeks of emails, phone calls, texts, assembling kit, etc., that the RD has to do. *Chapeau*
The route with the new single-track loop was the brainchild of Justin Rea - local knowledge is great to have.
Brendan LawlorMay 5 2022, 11:33amDave Doherty provided another masterclass in Race Directing last night at Prince Williams.. well done and thanks to him and all his volunteers. Another grand evening out on the hills.. the Wednesday sunshine is spoiling us all !
Warren SwordsMay 5 2022, 11:44amI threw up some photos there from descent and climb.

Showing up to an IMRA race planning to take photos and then see the great John Shiels show up with his camera is a bit like thinking you might have a chance of a podium before the young lads show up in their singlets.

Great night, the course and marking was excellent!
John ShielsMay 5 2022, 11:57amThanks Warren, I have to be good at something :)
Conor O'FarrellMay 5 2022, 1:07pmSounds like a great evening was had out on the hills last night.

Results are now up. Please send any queries to

Eva FairmanerMay 5 2022, 2:58pmLast night was my 300th Hill run (well since the results have been recorded on-line) and I thought of one of my favourite Spike Milligan quotes "I am not going to thank anyone as I did it all on my own" but I do have to thank Dave Docherty and all his cheerful, smiling and helpful team who made it such an enjoyable evening. The sun shone and it made for a wonderful evening with friends enjoying being healthy and being able to run in the beautiful countryside - I celebrated at home after my shower having Chocolate and the finest glass of Merlot as all good athletes do!
Jeff SwordsMay 5 2022, 3:36pmYe shoulda shouted out Eva when Dave asked where there any Club 100 runners there, every multiple of a hundred counts!
Mightily impressive.
Eva FairmanerMay 5 2022, 3:59pmAh well because of my advancing years I did the early start. Joe Lalor, I see had his 400th race last night so I should keep quiet about my paltry number! Well done Joe.
Brendan LawlorMay 5 2022, 4:25pmWell done Eva and Joe.. great milestones ! You are a credit to the Early Starters!!
Dave DochertyMay 5 2022, 8:15pmCongrats to Eva and Joe. If I'd have known, there would have champagne with the sambos. Thanks for all the kind words. But RDs are at nothing without the volunteers. Massive thanks them all.
Dave DochertyMay 10 2022, 12:46pmJust a quick one folks. The carpark fee for the PWS race raised 384 euro. Donated by IMRA in the name of John Williams to Purple House Cancer Support in Bray. Massive thanks to John and his family for the use of their land.
Dave DochertyMay 11 2022, 4:04pmI will have any outstanding prize vouchers for last week's winners at Carrick this evening.