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cannot enter races

Alan HarveyApr 18 2022, 9:57amhi , i paid membership on april 1st but so far have been unable to register for any races and it comes up that i have no paid membership. my payment number is 53909. i am looking to register for a race this coming saturday so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Alan Harvey
Paul FlynnApr 18 2022, 10:17amHi Alan. I had the exact same problem and I started another thread about it. If you read that you'll see what the issue is.

I just decided to go ahead and pay membership a second time and now I can register for races. It's only 10 euro and I presume I'll be refunded down the line once they get to the bottom of the whole thing.
Alan HarveyApr 19 2022, 9:45amcheers paul, i actually did the same myself. it was the simplest way in the end.

cant wait to get out on the mountains this weekend