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Thomas CollierApr 14 2022, 10:18pmHi, the site is saying entries are disabled currently, just wondering will entries be open again or are they now closed altogether?
Robert CunninghamApr 18 2022, 8:59pmThomas, Will be open again.
Patricia RyanApr 18 2022, 9:20pmThe Galty Crossing is open for registration.
simon dugganApr 20 2022, 9:01pmHi all. Is there a GPX for this floating about by chance? Please and thanks.
simon dugganApr 21 2022, 11:08amAccurate? Thanks
Stuart ScottApr 21 2022, 11:30amJust wondering if you'd consider adding a second entry option without the tshirt? I've enough tshirts at this stage to last me to the next century! I see the price has gone up significantly this year too though I appreciate the food, trackers, bus transfer (and the hotel cleaning bill after the showers!) can't be cheap. So no tshirt and a slight discount could be a nice compromise. It is a great race though - the 2019 edition still ranks as one of my favourite mountain experiences!
Paul SmythApr 21 2022, 3:24pmI'm currently injured so chances are I won't be entering this year, although I would love to.

I do have to say however that I agree with Stuart. I neither need, nor want, a t-shirt or meal. Competitors in IMRA races should only be forced to pay for event essentials. I feel that extras such as meals and t-shirts should be optional.
Brian MullinsApr 21 2022, 7:46pmSimon,

Just click on any of the previous years races in the veneers section and you’ll find the map and grid ref points under the details and map tabs. See link for example.


I can see what ye are saying and I don’t bother ever picking up T-shirts or meals or medals or the been there done that special jacket volunteer nonsense but asking for options is a slippery slope: how about the fella who wants the t shirt but doesn’t want the meal, of the fella who wants the bus but doesn’t want the t shirt but would like a vegan meal, or worse still the fella who doesn’t want the bus, meal or t shirt but wants the showers!!! I’m of the view if you really want to do the race then you’ll just enter and the t shirt will always find a good home with a charity and the cost of the unused meal will add to the great work IMRA provides in developing the sport countrywide. Just my five cents.

Brian MullinsApr 21 2022, 7:50pmObviously veneers should read events!!! Autocorrect is great, not!
Paul SmythApr 21 2022, 9:41pmHi Brain,

Your suggestion seems to amount to, 'suck it up', or, I presume, don't bother entering?

I have an alternative suggestion. Let's dispense with the superfluous stuff, just keep the essentials, and have the entry fees reflect that.

Dara O'BrienApr 21 2022, 10:09pmJust my two cents, I think the team of volunteers who organise these events for the benefits of us all deserve to be able to keep hassles to the minimum. The terms of entry are always clear and fair - whilst there's no problem with asking questions or suggesting alternatives, if the question is answered then it's probably best to just leave it there.

Getting snarky does nothing to further the club, the events or relationships therein.
Paul SmythApr 21 2022, 10:39pmMy post wasn't intended to be snarky, and I apologise if it seemed that way.
simon dugganApr 22 2022, 7:16pmHi Brian. The GPX I posted is from 2019s edition. It seems pretty spot on. Ill have a closer look later.

You had me confused with the suggested "veneers sections". I was expecting to find holiday package deals to Turkey.

Rachel HarneyMay 2 2022, 12:25pmHi,
I haven't done an unmarked race before where GPS as allowed. How does this work please? Is there an exact route that must be followed, or is it up to the individual to plot their own route across the peaks? Can discovery series or other maps be used with compass, as I prefer to navigate this way?
Also, is this race open to anyone to enter as it is a championship race?
Many thanks,
Rachel Harney.
Michael McSweeneyMay 2 2022, 6:06pmHi Rachel.
The race involves running across the Galtees from Anglesborough to Cahir Castle. To keep us honest Rob Cunningham will place 10 orienteering flags and markers along the way. We will have to hit these points, and mark our card. What route you take in between is up to yourself, but the Galty Hillwalking Club has a good map on their site , with the preferred route. It in their Galtee Challenge section. GPS is allowed, but if you prefer using a map and compass all the better. The race is open to all who are comfortable navigating on open mountain and are happy running in the hills for 32km. I might see you up there on the day but don't follow me, I'll probably be running in the wrong direction. :-)
Michael McSweeneyMay 2 2022, 6:16pm
Rachel HarneyMay 2 2022, 6:49pmMichael,

Thanks so much, that's all clear. Haha, yes, I do a bit of orienteering with horseriding and there have often been masses of riders lost because of trusting those in front of them! :-D
Thanks for the map, that's great! See you there.

Patricia RyanMay 8 2022, 9:54pmRegistration for the Galty Crossing closes tonight, Sunday.
Patricia RyanMay 9 2022, 2:27pmBus leaves Cahir at 8am, race starts in Anglesboro at 9am.
David MulkeenMay 9 2022, 10:30pmHi all, new member here. Is there no chance of entering the Galtee Crossing this May? Just seeing it now
Niall LagrueMay 9 2022, 10:46pmSame question - any possibility of re-opening entry, pretty please!
Paul SmythMay 9 2022, 11:54pmEntries are closed, but there are plenty of other excellent events coming up on the calendar. I recommend Mount Leinster and Carrauntoohil in particular, but there are many, many others.
Robert CunninghamMay 10 2022, 11:14amYes Paul is right. Galty Half Marathon in June aswell definitely recommend that.
Patricia RyanMay 15 2022, 10:08pmInformation email for registered runners will be sent during the week. No late entries can be accepted.
John Kinsella2May 16 2022, 1:04pmHi , Been a while since I ran an IMRA event. I dont have my race number anymore, can I get one on race day ?
Robert CunninghamMay 16 2022, 7:58pmYes John, You can collect your number on the day of the race.
Robert CostelloMay 17 2022, 11:03amHi all,
I'm gutted to miss out on this one. I hoped to run this race as I prepare for an ultra in June but found out at the weekend that entries closed on 8 May. This is in contrast to IMRA Leinster races which typically close much closer to the race day. And the Annalong Horseshoe 20k in Northern Ireland, for example, which is on this Sunday and entries only close tomorrow.
I understand that there are a number of us who will miss out on this one due to the early close date. I would appreciate it if the committee and race organisers consider race entry close dates closer to the race date. If t-shirts are the challenge then perhaps there can be an option for no t-shirts or a limited amount for the X entrants?
Thanks and good luck to everyone Sunday,
Eoin Mac MahonMay 17 2022, 11:32amThe IMRA races are very well organised, entry for this race was open for 2 months
Robert CostelloMay 17 2022, 4:21pmThey certainly are well organised. Unfortunately I did not plan my races two months ahead. I understand others haven't either. It would be great if future races close at a time nearer to the actual date they take place like other IMRA events and other NIMRA events.
Patricia RyanMay 18 2022, 10:43pmEmail sent to registered participants. Please check your spam for any from tricia.ryan@ . Email me if you haven't received it please.
Gerard DownMay 18 2022, 11:05pmHI, if anyone from Cork or passing through Cork going up to Cahir for race go offer a lift, I d be delighted - happy to contribute to petrrol costs !
Patricia RyanMay 19 2022, 10:47amPictures of flags, checkpoints, are uploaded to the photo tab of the event. Omitted from the email in error.
Patricia RyanMay 20 2022, 11:56amCorrection to two checkpoints: Templehill R833 218 & Bane S005 263.
Apologies, I will be having a strong word with my race marker!
Patricia RyanMay 21 2022, 11:23pm
Eoin BryanYesterday, 7:10pmThanks all for a fantastic event. Really well organised and run. A long way to run for a Sunday roast but definitely worth it:)
John BellYesterday, 7:28pmThat was a fantastic day in the Galty's with the weather behaving. It was a long way to go for a Sunday roast but worth it.Thanks to Tricia and her team for a super well organised event.
Peter FlemingYesterday, 7:48pmThanks Tricia and all the volunteers! Great event. Good job. Particular mention to whomever made the oatmeal treats for the finish line. They were yum!
Robert McEvoyYesterday, 8:54pmThanks Tricia and team for once again organising a brilliant race!
Brian FlannellyYesterday, 9:14pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Patricia RyanYesterday, 10:01pmPeter, Ruairí, aged 12, says you're welcome
Patricia RyanYesterday, 10:09pmEdward O'Connor has set a new course record today!
kieran o sullivanToday, 8:07amthanks again to all involved. first time doing the crossing. registration, parking, bus, food afterwards-all great.
Peter BellToday, 1:04pmMassive thanks to Tricia and her Munster crew for putting on a brilliant race. Loved it. The energy balls at the finish where yum!
Well done Ed on a course record!
Looking forward to it next year.
Brendan CollinsToday, 2:38pmBig thanks to Tricia and crew for a great race.