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Belmont - Little Sugar Loaf

Laura GrealishApr 11 2022, 11:02amI purchased an entry for this today, but a message came up saying the transaction was successful but could not connect with the merchant's website. I checked my bank details and the transaction had gone through, but it's not listed under my purchases. Just want to make sure that I have a place on it.
Pól Ó MurchúApr 11 2022, 11:21amHi Laura, you managed to get in there while I was testing the payments system…wasn’t meant to be open but don't worry about it. :-) I have you payment anyway.
Laura GrealishApr 11 2022, 11:29amAh grand Pól, thanks a mill
liam kennyApr 12 2022, 9:18amPaul

same as above payment gone through but not coming up on my purchase history, can you confirm you have received please and thanks,
Sarah FosterApr 12 2022, 10:06amIs this sold out already ?
Orsolya CsikeszApr 12 2022, 10:28amEntries disabled, is that already sold out?
Richard NunanApr 12 2022, 11:12amHi Folks,

Not sold out - will re-open at the end of the week


Michael MorrisroeApr 13 2022, 2:01pmGood to see WED runs are back, so entries will open again end of the week, will I be able to buy an annual number also?
Alan O'BoyleApr 14 2022, 6:10pmIs the entry broken? Went to disabled at 6?
Dan GeelonApr 14 2022, 7:52pmis the race on-line entry only as per the race details or are vouchers accepted on the night ?
Laura FlynnApr 14 2022, 8:10pmVouchers will be accepted on the night for this race Dan
Sarah FosterApr 14 2022, 8:20pmhow do i get a voucher? can I just turn up on the night?
Laura FlynnApr 14 2022, 8:40pmHi Sarah,
You will need to be registered as an IMRA member for this year. If you are you can come along to the race and someone should be able sell you a voucher for €5.
I should be there and have a few to spare so look out or ask for me.
My email is if you want to contact me.
Sarah FosterApr 14 2022, 8:46pmthanks Laura! yes I am a member.
Michael MorrisroeApr 14 2022, 9:15pmOk great, I have vouchers from pre-covid times, I'm assuming they're still valid?
Alan O'BoyleApr 14 2022, 9:25pmHi
Will the online entry open for this?
I checked at 6 and it was disabled.
Joan StapletonApr 16 2022, 12:26pmBy any chance is there an Early Start option planned for this run?
Mike LongApr 19 2022, 12:41pmAngela we see you have a god few volunteers but Ruairí and I are free if you need 2 more Just let us know Thanks
Mike LongApr 19 2022, 12:42pmgood!!
Angela FlynnApr 19 2022, 12:45pmEarly start - yes there is an early start 7pm - short course for juniors and vouchers are allowed-
Anne LyonsApr 19 2022, 1:14pmHi Laura I can’t seem to get my payment to go through,could I also get a voucher from you and pay you Wednesday evening for little sugar loaf thanks anne lyons
Laura FlynnApr 19 2022, 2:54pmThat’s fine Anne, I’ll see you there at around 6.45pm
Anne LyonsApr 19 2022, 2:59pmthanks laura it’s just worked for me there .see you tomorrow
Laura FlynnApr 19 2022, 4:28pmThanks for letting me know Anne, glad you got sorted.
Laura FlynnApr 19 2022, 4:34pmJust a reminder that all proceeds from this race are being donated by IMRA to the International Red Cross for their Ukrainian appeal.
We will also have a collection box at registration. .
Diarmuid KavanaghApr 19 2022, 5:12pmI can't seem to be able to pay for an entry
Diarmuid KavanaghApr 19 2022, 5:13pmIt would be great if I could get a voucher if possible
Eoin KeithApr 19 2022, 6:27pmIf anyone is having issues making payments could they post the issues they are having in the online payments thread on the forum please. If it's a technical issue with the website I might be able to fix it. Thanks.
Pól Ó MurchúApr 19 2022, 7:10pmHi Diarmuid, just bought an entry there so definitely working. I'd say your problem is with the phone number format. Careful with the auto-fill it seems to change the country code in some instances. I've had a few people contact me today and with all this was the problem.
Diarmuid KavanaghApr 19 2022, 9:11pmGot sorted pól thanks
Joan StapletonApr 20 2022, 9:13amAngela, thanks for info on Early Start option. I know my run will be slow and will take any pressure off first hill run in a while.
Gavan DohertyApr 20 2022, 10:24amAnyone driving from Monkstown/Blackrock/Dun Laoghaire area, I'd appreciate a lift (even one-way)? I could also hop on a DART.

Let me know if that would suit anyone - I have masks, boosters, vouchers, petrol money as appropriate.

Eoin O'MalleyApr 20 2022, 10:34amAre entries closed?
Lean Ni ChiobhainApr 20 2022, 10:47amGavan you can come w Conor and I. I will message you. Léan
Gavan DohertyApr 20 2022, 11:30amThanks IMRA Forum people - sorted for lift!
Angela FlynnApr 20 2022, 3:02pmvouchers are accepted for this race
Orsolya CsikeszApr 20 2022, 9:48pmThank you for the organizers and all the volunteers for this event today afternoon. It was a tough but good course!
Caroline ReidApr 20 2022, 10:39pmThanks to Angela and all her team..great race! Thanks for all the encouragement everyone....much appreciated! Welcome to Sarah who volunteered at her first imra race...hope to see you in a race soon.
Sandra PegmanApr 20 2022, 10:58pmHi Angela. Thank you to yourself and all the wonderful volunteers for a wonderful race this evening. Could I just check my finish time please. I started the race at 7.30 and think I was put down as having started at the early start. I ran around in 1 hour and 4 mins. Many thanks
Dave DochertyApr 21 2022, 8:57amThanks to Ange and gang for the craic last night. Great to be back in the pub.
Sean ForsythApr 21 2022, 10:31amThanks to Angela and her team on the night. A great race, feeling it today.
Apologies also for the delay I caused getting out of the failed me last night and just proves the old adage that 'Cash is king' still stands.

Thank you to the kind lady who paid my 3 euro to get out, I would like to repay at the next race.
Stuart ScottApr 21 2022, 10:57amThanks Angela and team for kicking off the summer league last night. Belmont is an ideal location and great choice of pub too - the staff couldn't have been nicer (not to mention the food and Guinness!).
Brendan LawlorApr 21 2022, 11:49amThanks Angela and crew for a super race last night !
John ShielsApr 21 2022, 12:09pmGreat to be back out running on such a love evening. Well done Angela and crew on organising it and the pub afterwards, the Vevey Inn has definitely changed since I left bray in the late 80's.
I seem to picked up an extra 30 minutes in the results :(
Joseph BoyleApr 25 2022, 11:05amA few extra photos added.
Lillian DeeganApr 26 2022, 9:06pmEvening everyone,

With the 2nd race of the Leinster league on tomorrow, I'm on with a msg regarding prize day winnings from Belmont.

Having added a specific message in relation to our race prize voucher offering for this year's Leinster and Trail leagues - I'm on here to ask you to check if you might have won something last Wednesday evening.

RD Ange has a few uncollected winnings. We are looking to pass them on. Collection options can be found here -

Thanks all,