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Email notifications from the Forum

Brendan LawlorMar 23 2022, 12:48pmHi

The email notifications from Forum post updates appears to have stopped.. anyone know why ?
Stuart ScottMar 28 2022, 4:38pmI've just spotted this too. No wonder my mailbox was so empty! If someone could check it out that would be greatly appreciated - the emails are so useful especially for seeing last minute event updates. Thanks in advance.
Alistair HodgettApr 26 2022, 2:15pmCarpool notification emails appear to be sent to runners who sign up for a spot but not to the driver (at least not to this driver...) as used to be the case. If possible if this could be checked that'd be great.
Eoin KeithApr 26 2022, 6:46pmHi Alistair,
It does indeed look like there was a bug in the code which meant that emails were not being sent to the driver on carpool bookings. This should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.
Alistair HodgettApr 26 2022, 6:51pmThanks Eoin!