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Dara O'BrienMar 17 2022, 7:50pmHi all,

I'm wondering if we, as a running community, could offer something to any Ukraine refugees who arrive here and may have been runners in their home country.

I realise that it may seem like a niche offer but, given how much solace runners get from being able to just get out there and acknowledging the fact that many people have fled with just the clothes on their backs, I thought that making some shoes, shorts, tops etc available along with offers to run routes etc might help offer an outlet and some sense of normality to people who may really need a diversion.

As a running community, we all have stuff knocking around that's not used so, if you thought it was a good idea, we could maybe contact the red Cross and the Ukranian embassy and maybe come up with an offer of help and support for any runners who find themselves here!?
Maeve HegartyMar 17 2022, 8:16pmHi Dara, there is a group called the Sanctuary Runners who support refugees and asylum seekers to run in their communities and parkrun. They work closely with direct Provision centres and now have a liaison officer in Athletics Ireland. In the past few days they extended an invite to the Ukrainian community to join with them for runs. They do collections for old running gear for their members so it might be worth contacting them on
Gareth LittleMar 17 2022, 8:18pmHi Dara, you should post that offer to the Irish supporters of Ukraine FB page.