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Oughaval Woods

Paul KellyFeb 28 2022, 3:51pmHi,

With Oughaval woods race on in 2 weeks I'm putting the call out for a few volunteers, mainly a first aider and 1 or 2 more non running volunteers.
Paul KellyMar 7 2022, 10:47amHi,

Just bumping this back up as I would still need a first aider and 1 more non running volunteer.
Brian EastwoodMar 7 2022, 3:38pmHi I'm putting myself forward as a non skilled helper.
Paul KellyMar 8 2022, 6:45pmBrilliant, thanks Brian I've added you in there now.

I just need a First Aider now and we are all set for the day.

Paul KellyMar 16 2022, 3:36pmHi Folks,

Just putting out a final call for someone to look after first aid. Just as an FYI no first aider no race I'm afraid.

Thanks in advance
Martina DunneMar 16 2022, 5:34pmHey Paul, I was hoping to run but can't now. I have an occupational first aid for work. Would that work?
Paul KellyMar 16 2022, 6:32pmHi Martina,

Brilliant stuff. Thanks for volunteering. If you haven't already can you scroll to the bottom of the event page and add yourself to the volunteers.
The race is on!

Martina DunneMar 16 2022, 6:47pmBrilliant Paul
Brian EastwoodMar 16 2022, 8:58pmHi Paul.
Im volunteering, what time do you want me there for?
Paul KellyMar 16 2022, 9:07pmHi Brian,

I'll send and email out on Sat morning to all volunteers to let them know of times to be there and their roles before and during the race.

Jarlath HynesMar 16 2022, 9:20pm2 questions

* will vouchers be accepted?

* how is 'Oughaval' pronounced - I've heard everything from 'OOh-eh-val' to 'Oak-vale' ?

Paul KellyMar 18 2022, 6:00pmHi Jarlath,

Yes, vouchers are being accepted on the day. I've always pronounced it ohh ga val woods but then again I could have it all wrong! :-)

Brian SmythMar 20 2022, 1:07pmPair of black under armour gloves found on the trail today. They have a pink under armour logo on them. Owner can contact me on 083 0595560. Well done to all the runners today .