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100th Race

Kate FlynnFeb 14 2022, 10:13amHi all,
Does anyone have a number for how many people have completed 100 races (or more)?
Hoping to do a post on the social media dedicated to it.

Warren SwordsFeb 14 2022, 10:20am173 according to
Jeff SwordsFeb 14 2022, 10:20amAt the bottom of the page there's a Club 100 link, you'll see everything you need in there, it's pretty much a running total for every runner with 80 or more races.
Brendan LawlorFeb 14 2022, 11:26am173 members of Club 100 with the mighty Tommy Galvin still Top of the Charts!
Stuart ScottFeb 14 2022, 2:22pmYes there's no shifting Tommy! And that's just since records began! Tremendous achievement.
Laura FlynnFeb 14 2022, 2:44pmSo to put it in perspective, Tommy’s next nearest contender, Vivian, would need to do 38 races per year for the next 5 years to catch him, assuming Tommy does none.
I’d need to do 115 races per year in same time.
Hope my maths are right!!