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Dominic ManningFeb 11 2022, 5:03pmHi,

Do you plan to start accepting vouchers again? I bought a 10 pack in Jan 2020 before Covid and still only have used 1 out of the 10. I'm sure there are other people out there who need to use theirs as well.

Dominic ManningMar 15 2022, 5:13pmAny update available on this?
Laura FlynnMar 15 2022, 5:33pmWe started accepting vouchers again at Annagh last weekend Dominic. See my forum post under that event for details and post here if you have any more questions.
Dominic ManningMar 16 2022, 10:57pmAh brilliant. Does that mean any of the smaller races accept them from now on?
Anne-Marie FlahertyApr 19 2022, 10:05amHi folks,

Rather than starting a new topic, have a couple of questions:

Is the Voucher process still the same as "the before time", where you just show up on the day, or is there a form of online pre-reg required?

Are all Leinster League races accepting vouchers?
Lillian DeeganApr 23 2022, 11:10pmHiya Anne-Marie,

Yep, we are back to biz with punch voucher entries on the day. There is no online pre-reg. tie back.

From the 13 LL events, we have 1 race that might not allow for punch voucher use owing to a NPWS runner head count limit. Plenty of notice will be given if the latter comes to pass.

Msg to all on this topic while I'm on:
If you purchased and did not manage to collect your €50 punch card prior to everything going belly up back in 2020, you can collect it any upcoming race. We have a few travelling with the RD kits weekly. Any queries - email me and I'll follow up with you if need be -