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Wicklow Round Route

Richard KilfeatherFeb 9 2022, 1:31pmJust looking at the Wicklow round route. Would anyone be able to clarify if when attempting the route do you have to pass through Annaleky Bridge ?

It is down on the route as Logistical Support between Silsean and Oakwod / White Hill.

If you do not have to pass through Annaleky Bridge is it possible to get logistical support along the road (R756) leading to Annaleky Bridge when you cross between Silsean and Oakwod / White Hill.

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks Richard
Paul MahonFeb 9 2022, 2:00pmI believe support along the R756 at whatever point you chose to cross is permitted without any absolute need to go to Annalecky Bridge Richard
Richard KilfeatherFeb 9 2022, 2:11pmThanks Paul appreciate the quick response
John MurrayFeb 9 2022, 5:24pmRichard, if you click on the 'Rules' tab you'll see the points for logistical support.

I think Annalecka Bridge is probably a typo and should say Ballinagee Bridge. Annalecka Bridge is way up the road towards Wicklow Gap.

Most people cross the road around Ballinagee Bridge but as Paul said, anywhere on the R756 between Wicklow Gap and Hollywood is allowed.

Designated / Permitted Logistical Support Points are to be at a single point as below:
Sally Gap
Ballinagee Bridge Area
Road Crossing point between Wicklow Gap and Hollywood
Road Crossing point between Sally Gap and Laragh
Road Crossing point between Sally Gap and Ballinastoe / Roundwood
Road Crossing point between Tonduff North and Prince Williams Seat
Richard KilfeatherFeb 24 2022, 12:49pmThanks John appreciate the clarification regards Richard.
Richard KilfeatherMar 9 2022, 1:18pmHi Everyone,

Another question on the Wicklow round route if someone might be able to help.

For the Tonduff to Prince William Seat Section. Are there any suggested routes as there appears to be a bit of private land in that section.

The most direct route is through Ballyreagh Wood - Across the L1013 - through Ballyros and Millennium Woods - Across L1011- through Cloon wood and onto Prince William Seat.

Any insights or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks Richard
John J BarryMar 10 2022, 8:03pmThat's probably the two summits with the most options. For a long time the road was the popular option. More recently it's a more direct route like you described. I spent a lot of time reccing routes there. It's really a case of getting out there and looking. The recces are a great and fun part of "The Round" adventure
Richard KilfeatherMar 14 2022, 9:42pmVery true John ! Thanks for the input much appreciated.
Niall GibneyApr 23 2022, 5:24pmHi there

I hope to attempt the round next Sunday 1st May starting 3am . Sorry for jumping onto your post Richard but its the only way I can see to notify IMRA folk !
Niall Gibney