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headtorch recommendations

Eamonn HodgeFeb 4 2022, 1:43pmHi all,

Anyone have any headtorch recommendations?

Looking at this Ledlenser one:

Thanks in advance.
Sean ForsythFeb 4 2022, 2:40pmHi Eamonn,

As a cheap alternative, I picked one up from Aldi the other day I think it was €10, I've used it twice so far and it's more than decent. It's actually better than one I picked up for €45 recently both for comfort, adjustability and brightness.

I haven't maxed out the battery yet so I couldn't tell you how long it will last
Grzegorz KiedaFeb 4 2022, 2:42pmHi Eamonn
I have led lenser h8r
Recommended, got it especially for Moonlight challenge in January, work perfectly. What is important can work up to 10h on max 600 lumens.
Dara O'BrienFeb 4 2022, 2:44pmI've not used a led lenser but I have a black diamond storm 400 and cannot fault it at all.
Juju JayFeb 4 2022, 2:54pmLed lenser all the way! I’ve being using them for many years and loving em all. Having the zoom on the light is great when on open mountains at night and good to navigating by night too. Go for MH10
Stuart ScottFeb 4 2022, 3:10pmI have the Petzl Nao and I'd highly recommend it - it's pricey but it automatically adjusts depending on whether you're looking at things that are near or far away. I also have a Led Lenser which I'm less keen on (they're clunky and I've heard of them failing more often). Whatever you do though, go for a rechargeable version as it'll save you a fortune in batteries.

Mind you, I also have a 2 candle power torch which you power by shaking it and it's also grand!
Graham K. BusheFeb 4 2022, 3:39pmHi Eamonn, I don’t know the particular model you have asked about. I like the Led Lenser torches, but here’s something to consider.
I have used a few Led Lensers over the last few years. My favourite was the H7R2. I liked it as the brightness could be turned up or down easily with a dial at the back, it had a rear red LED and could work of 4 standard AAA batteries if the rechargeable one was used up. I say was, Unfortunately, despite being “waterproof”, it fell foul of the Wicklow weather during the Wicklow Way Race 2017. (a particularly bad night). The very nice people at Led Lenser replaced it under warranty without fuss. Happy days again… until the replacement also succumbed to the Wicklow Rain! This time it was replaced with a H7R Core as the previous model was no longer a stock item.
It is bigger and heavier and the dimmer switch is also the on/off button. So if I try to adjust the brightness as I move, and accidentally press the button a fraction too hard, it switches off, and usually after a short time lag… just enough time for me to have taken another couple of steps!! Although this doesn’t seem to be a function on the model you asked about.
Another thing to consider is Batteries. I was told that a number of the newer Led Lenser head torches do not take non-rechargeable batteries. So if you need to carry a spare you’ll have to buy an extra one. The one for my new one is around E25 and can only be recharged IN the headtorch (no charging dock) Therefore I now carry a second torch , which happens to be a Led Lenser MH5 and this one can work on a standard AA battery if needed. :) g
Stephen O KeeffeFeb 4 2022, 4:40pmI have the ledlenser MH3, only used it once for the Halloween half marathon, but I found it excellent. And a good price at €40.
Andrew HanneyFeb 4 2022, 5:08pmThe led lenser mh10 rechargeable head torch, myself and most of the crew I run with have this torch. Highly recommend it.
Diana Whelan PorterFeb 4 2022, 5:19pmI can second (or third!) recommendations for the ledlenser MH10. At first the battery may seem a little bulky/ heavy but it’s well-designed and as long as it’s been correctly adjusted I’ve had no problems running with it, even forgetting it’s there at times. I bought a spare battery but have never come anywhere near needing to use it even on full beam. (I have probably used it up to 2 hours at a time but have regularly used it for two or three sessions without charging).
Alan AylingFeb 4 2022, 6:19pmI prefer the light distribution of Petzl to Led Lenser. LL seem to favour a circle of even brightness with a sharp edge to it, just darkness outside that. Petzl nice and bright in the middle, fading gradually to the outside. Lights up where you're looking nicely, but still good peripheral vision.
And do you want/need zoom function? Bit of a gimmick.
Whatever you do don't buy cheap Chinese junk online. Batteries likely to fail or catch fire, maybe both.
David JonesFeb 4 2022, 6:40pmPicked up an ultraspire 800 multisport in running warehouse sale a couple of years ago. Waist, head and bike mounts. Rechargeable batteries. 8 hours per battery. They have an ultra version( no bike mount) that can be recharged off a powerbank. Got it for half price delivered, worth keeping an eye out, usually on sale in the late spring/summer. Waist light is now preferred option. Still use a cheap Amazon rechargeable head when needed.
Garret TaylorFeb 4 2022, 7:06pmPetzl's have always served me well.

No matter the brand I reckon it's always worth considering models that have a rechargeable that can be swapped for commodity batteries (AAAs for example)
Graham K. BusheFeb 4 2022, 8:18pmSorry, I should clarify what I meant about the batteries in my Led Lenser. I use mine daily at a low setting and only need to charge every few weeks. The battery life is great. The point I meant to make is that some events require spare batteries as part of the mandatory kit (so in my case I'll need to carry another torch)
Maybe it's just me Alan, but sometimes I switch from flood to beam when I'm in heavy mist ;)
Brian MullinsFeb 4 2022, 8:42pmLed Lenser MH10 for anything long at night in the mountains or multiple nights without recharge.

Petzl Iko Core for anything up to around 4hrs and I agree with Alan about the Petzl light distribution, for quicker stuff at night, especially open mountain, Petzl is miles better than Led Lenser and if you want to go crazy just get a Silva.

I’d also agree with Alan, whatever you do don’t buy some Chinese junk, you will regret it.
Ray LonerganFeb 4 2022, 9:37pmI had two Led lenser head torches. The first was pretty good but only lasted two years of infrequent use. The second (H7) was probably one of the worst pieces of kit I ever bought. I was very bright but the usable battery life was terrible and the battery cover broke the second time I used it (It's held together with tape now). Also it constantly slipped on my sweaty head because it was so heavy . I reckon it was designed by the accounts department in led lenser. The lamp I use now is a Silva. Good battery life and comfortable to wear. Not as bright as the led lenser but more comfortable, better battery life and robust. I have used it in winter ultras with 16 hours of darkness.
Peter BellFeb 4 2022, 9:58pmThey are all great torches, but the best is the dinobryte with built in roar!
Dave DochertyFeb 5 2022, 11:56amI use a Silva trail speed 4XT. Its like daylight on full beam, lasts about 40 mins on that setting only. The battery is like a small brick, keep it in my pocket, with a curley cable up to the head. you could wear it on the headstrap but it annoying.
But I also have an Alpkit one, they are very well priced and you get alot of bang for your buck quality wise.

Gonna have to get this dino one now, its roarsome!
Paul ScottFeb 5 2022, 1:30pmI bought a kogalla light from the USA which sits on the chest strap or a magnetic plate you stick inside your clothes. Li-ion Battery is on a usb cable you stick in pocket/pack. Fantastic illumination from the multiple LEDs on the strip and much more useful in terms of picking up shadows on rocks sticking up in the trail. Has battery life from 3 hrs to 3 days depending on which of the 20 power settings you use. It’s not cheap but I find the chest option much more comfortable than a head torch (which I now use as a backup)
John MurrayFeb 8 2022, 4:04pmI have been using the Led Lenser MH10 for years now and it's a fantastic headtorch. So much so that I have 3 of them. They have never let me down and I've gotten 16hrs straight out of a single charge on full power through a winters night. Even when the light flashes to indicate low battery I've still gotten an hour before it goes completely. It does have a sharp circle of even brightness as Alan said but it's a large circle and I've never had an issue. They have 600 lumens output and for trail running I wouldn't go any less. It's a very comfortable fit on the head and sits nice even with the strap loose. They've come down in price and I believe Great Outdoors had them priced at 70euro just before Christmas. They also sell spare batteries at 20euro each. Again like Alan said, avoid cheap chinese batteries...they don't last as long.
Eamonn HodgeMar 2 2022, 10:58amHi everyone, thanks for all the replies. Really helpful.
Karl RichardsMar 2 2022, 3:22pmAgree with John Ledlenser MH10 is a solid head torch that lasts well over 10 hours in use. its never let me down.