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Sean ForsythJan 31 2022, 12:07pmHi All,

I can't find information on the site regarding junior runners. Can they just turn up for a race or do they need to be registered as a member.

I'm hoping to bring my daughter to the Trooperstown winter run.


Gordon PlaceJan 31 2022, 12:31pmHi Sean,

Earlier topic link below which might help. They have to members so need to register and have an email. Email tip in the topic.

There are age restictions on distance etc. also. Under 10s can't run unaccompanied It think. It is on here somewhere....
Sean ForsythJan 31 2022, 12:55pmHi Gordon,

Thanks for that, much appreciated. Exactly what I was after

Laura FlynnJan 31 2022, 12:55pmThanks Gordon. Sean, you’ll find the rules and any restrictions relating to juniors in the Competition Rules. To access these if you click on the Constitution tab on the bottom right hand corner of the home page. Juniors are dealt with at sections 4 and 5 of the Competition Rules. You’ll see that the restrictions are mainly around what distances the various age groups can run.
Sean ForsythJan 31 2022, 1:16pmThanks Laura,

I'll have a good read through that there now.

Best regards

Miriam MaherJan 31 2022, 1:16pmHi Sean

Great to hear about your daughter looking to take part in the junior races!

The details about ages/distances etc mentioned by Laura are also summarised in this forum post:

All the best

Sean ForsythJan 31 2022, 1:59pmHi Miriam,

Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

Best regards