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Knockmealdown Half

Brian EastwoodJan 22 2022, 7:18pmHi are navigational skill required for this race?
Matthew BranchJan 22 2022, 10:02pmThere will be race markings for the first half and toward the end, but otherwise the race typically follows the wall. I will post instructions to all runners before the race week clear directions. No, navigational skills aren't necessary, but if bad weather closes it, it helps to be comfortable in those conditions.
Brian EastwoodJan 23 2022, 8:20amThanks Matthew
Peter BellJan 27 2022, 11:04amHi Matthew, has the date changed on this one? Just checked the events page. I probably put in the wrong dates myself with d accomidation for the weekend of the 26th and dont want to miss the brute Annagh hill. Cheers Peter
Brian EastwoodJan 27 2022, 8:57pmHey Peter. The date did change. Date change was up on the page the other day
Peter BellJan 27 2022, 10:53pmCool, thanks Brian
Noel BarronFeb 21 2022, 2:29pmHi Mathew, when this race was last been run, it was cancelled due to covid, I don't think I looked for a refund for this race and was wondering if its possible to find out if I'm entered in this for this year?
Matthew BranchFeb 22 2022, 2:10pmHi Noel, I dont think it was open for reg yet last year. We had it in 2018, 19, and 20 with no cancellation.
Matthew BranchFeb 22 2022, 2:11pm@Noel - you're not registered for this year's race
Brian EastwoodFeb 22 2022, 10:01pmHi folks
My current shoes are the road to trail type which have done me well so far in my imra runs. They struggle in heavy mud so I think I prob need to purchase a more aggressive lug for the open mountain section.
I was thinking of getting talons but not sure if I'll get broke up on the first half of the race if its on hard ground.
Dara O'BrienFeb 22 2022, 10:52pmHi Brian,

I recently bought a pair of xtalon ultra 260s and wore them for a run along the Blackstairs challenge route. I found them really good overall - 7mm lugs were plenty for the soft muddy stuff and they were still comfortable on the 6-7km of road as well.

I did find them a small bit slippy on the big wet rocks but I guess that it's hard to find one shoe that does everything well. I'd say they would be a good compromise for the standard talons overall.
Brian EastwoodFeb 23 2022, 7:29pmHey Dara.
The ultras were the ones I was looking and I can get them in my size.
I think I'll give them a go.
Thanks for the advice.
Ruairí LongFeb 28 2022, 8:38pmHi there,
Sorry to be the classic forum poster, but I just went on to buy an entry for this and realised that I was 24 hours late!

Will the entries reopen for this or have I completely missed it? Was looking forward to this one, looks like a nice route.
Gerry McGuinnessMar 1 2022, 7:46amLike Ruairi, I missed the closing date and would love to enter if it re opens.
Matthew BranchMar 1 2022, 10:05amUnfortunately no plans on re-opening entries. Sorry folks.
Karl RichardsMar 1 2022, 5:06pmI was hoping to registered for the race and logged on to do that just now. Im surprised its closed so early. I thought that most races closed a few days before the race.
Robbie WilliamsMar 1 2022, 9:10pmLads..

Just FYI..

Regular races like league etc close usually the night before.

All half’s and bigger races close 2 weeks out.
Ciaran DineenMar 1 2022, 9:31pmHello,

I am registered to run this race, but recently found out I have a stress fracture on my leg so I obviously can't take part.

Is there a refund available?
Or even transfer to somebody who missed the deadline and wants to take my registration.

I 100% will not be taking part.

Tom McloughlinMar 6 2022, 9:00amHi guys, I am having bother with the plan a route gpx. File is not showing the full distance, only about 16km. When I download it to the Suunto app. Anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone have a gpx. With the full route? Cheers.
Tom McloughlinMar 6 2022, 9:02am*Plot a Route
Matthew BranchMar 7 2022, 10:16amgpx available here:
Roelie SmitMar 7 2022, 10:57am@Tom McLoughlin - I'm not too clued up with these sorts of things myself, but the .gpx file did the same for me, just got straight lines and 16km. I tried the .tcx file and it seemed to work.
Simon RouseMar 7 2022, 2:07pmHi Lads,
It's my first race of 2022. Will imra numbers for 2022 be available on the day.


Tom McloughlinMar 7 2022, 4:42pm@Roelie Smith - if you leave the GPX type as 'Track' rather than route it seems to work fine!
Thomas AllenMar 7 2022, 6:24pm@Ciaran Dineen, are you still trying to offload that race entry? I'll take it.
Michael McSweeneyMar 7 2022, 7:11pmThomas. No transfers allowed of IMRA race entries.

Simon. Your 2022 number will be available for collection at race sign in. Give plenty of time as it looks like it will be a busy morning.
Ciaran DineenMar 8 2022, 1:52pmSorry Thomas, Looks like I can't transfer here
Roelie SmitMar 8 2022, 6:27pmAnyone know where to get some decent waterproof leggings and survival bag?
nicola clearyMar 8 2022, 7:36pmHi Roelie, 53 Degrees North would have a small survival bag and Decathlon do a decent pair of running waterproof trousers at a good price.
Stuart ScottMar 9 2022, 9:50amHi Roelie, if you're Dublin\Wicklow based I'd recommend based in Laragh. The owners do a fair bit of hill running. Or there's Great Outdoors too. Decathlon is probably the best price-wise as Nicola says, though you might get lucky with sales!
Robert CunninghamMar 10 2022, 10:25amFYI. IMPORTANT Email sent out to all entrants, please check your Junk/spam mail. Email sent on Tuesday 8th.
Roelie SmitMar 11 2022, 10:03amAnyone running this check your emails. New email sent this morning. Thanks for the email Matthew.
Matthew BranchMar 11 2022, 10:48amDue to severe weather coming in later in the afternoon tomorow I've taken the decision to reverse the race route.
All runners will now start from the car park and race UP to Knockmealdowns and follow the same route in reverse (anti-clockwise). It's not my preference, and it will mean an uphill start and finish, but this will allow everyone (Marshals included) to get off the high ground by the time the weather starts turning bad.
My apologies for the late change, but with 60km/hr winds and -6degC chill settling in by 3pm, this will be safer for all.
Rain jacket
Head covering
Survival bag / storm shelter
Food & water
I would also encourage people to consider the 10am start.

NOTE: THERE WILL BE A 12pm CUTOFF FOR THE TOP OF KNOCKMEALDOWNS (This will be the only cutoff). As always, if you expect to finish in the top half of the race times, then there is no need to start ealry. We will maintain this philosophy.
Brian EastwoodMar 11 2022, 11:24amHi does the race start at the same place?
Matthew BranchMar 11 2022, 11:28amYes it does
Orla McEvoyMar 11 2022, 4:27pmHi
Would anyone like to carpool from Dublin? I'm happy to drive or be a passenger
Brendan CollinsMar 12 2022, 3:50pmBig thanks to Matthew and company for organising a great race and being out in awful conditions.
Michael McSweeneyMar 12 2022, 5:24pmThanks lads. Great day out.
David FoleyMar 12 2022, 6:38pmThanks to all the volunteers and Matthew today. Really enjoyed that today
Darren CroweMar 12 2022, 6:45pmAgreed. Great communication all week and flawless set up for the race. Fair play to all the volunteers and the RD in the conditions.
Mariusz LuczakMar 12 2022, 7:23pmJust few photos from the top of Knockmealdown. Sorry if I didn't get your photo, but lost feeling in my hand at some point and had to put the phone down :)
Maurice McCartanMar 12 2022, 8:03pmLost and found on knockmealdown.
Hey folks I seem to have lost some fond memories out on the course today. It was around the last 3 miles when I had to put on my rain jacket. If anyone finds them treasure then dearly.

If anyone lost some despair I found it and will happily return it.

Well done Matthew and team.
Brian MullinsMar 12 2022, 9:12pmBrilliant outing today across the lesser known hills shadowing the M8. Major thanks to Mr. Branch and all the volunteers as it was seamless and a mention for the reversal of the route due to the weather, a majorly correct call for the day given the horror that descended from the skies at around 1.30 onwards. Having reached the Liam Lynch Monument with a few young pups on my heels I knew the goose was cooked. 6 miles of fire road is too inviting for these younger lads and obviously cost me my win Matt!!!! Did you not get the bribe! But I’ll forgive you on this occasion and it’s a lesson to get these fellas out in open mountain more often ;-). Hope the auld wounds are healing Gav!!! Lads would want to watch that Conal Whelan fella, he’s a dark horse talking away while the rest of us are dying on our feet at maximum pace. A mighty day all told and fairplay for all that turned up and faced what they knew would eventually turn pretty grim during the second half of the race.
Michael O sullivanMar 12 2022, 9:47pmCan't say enough good about all volunteers and even our senior citizens that helped out waiting in wind and rain for us. We'll done all.
Mary Beth RyanMar 13 2022, 6:38amFantastic event yesterday,I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you Matthew for all the detailed communications and to all the amazing volunteers.
Gerard KeoghMar 13 2022, 8:07amGreat event yesterday, thanks to all the volunteers on a very challenging course, well done everyone involved :-)
Brian FlannellyMar 13 2022, 8:57amResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
kieran o sullivanMar 25 2022, 7:32amthanks again all for organising, and good call on switching route to avoid weather i think