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Joanne MooneyJan 20 2022, 10:39amHi,

Im new to the club and racing this coming Saturday in Howth. I will be bringing my two children ( 13 and 10 year old )

Do I need to register them online to enter the junior race? Or is this something I can do on the day ?

Joseph BoyleJan 20 2022, 11:06amYou have to register and enter them individually. The following link is from a post last year that shows how to add them to your email account
Phil behanApr 28 2022, 12:23pmHi all

to avoid confusion I wont start another thread here for Howth Summer race.

With less than 4 weeks to go to Howth summer I have updated the event page with info and Jo Boyles excellent course routes on Ploatroute. The senior and junior routes are the same as last year's summer race. I suggest taking a good look at them on Plotaroute before the race as the Howth race is known for sudden quick directional changes and requires going back over the same sections on the way to the finish. Sure isn't that why we all love the Howth race ? It will be very well marked so don't worry too much. I'll try answer any queries or questions about the race that you may have here as best I can. Looking forward to seeing you on hopefully a lovely summer evening in Binn Eadair. Thanks Phil.
Phil behanMay 9 2022, 3:36pmHi all

Just a quick update. Unfortunately due to staffing issues in the venue we will not have access to the café after the race. I'll be providing drinks and cakes after so no worries. How I'm ever going to top Joe's IMRA branded cakes is another issue !

Thanks all
Andrew MooreMay 16 2022, 12:43pmWhen does race entry open? Done my first IMRA this year at the Relay and now hungry for more
Phil behanMay 16 2022, 4:02pmHi Andrew, Howth entries should open in the next few days usually after Ardgillian race is completed. Thanks.Phil
Phil behanMay 18 2022, 3:45pmHi all, with Ardgilian sorted and underway tonight I could do with a few extra volunteers for registration and carpark at Howth race if anyone is free. Thanks all. Phil
Phil behanMay 23 2022, 8:04amMorning all

Just a few things for those running the Howth race this Wed. All info is on the race page also.

1: Carpark - €2 optional donation. This will go a local charity.
2: Junior Course is also the short course. If you're doing the short course you must let us know in advance. This applies to both the early start at 19.00pm and the race start at 19.30pm. You cannot change your mind mid - course !
3: The early start is not an option unless you have 160% of a winner's time so please do not ask on the night.
4: No headphones please.
5: Cake and drinks for all at the end plus a few nice prizes on the raffle so please hang around if you can.

Thanks all.
Marc HartiganMay 23 2022, 2:45pmHi Phil,

As this is my first race back I would like to do the junior course if possible?

Phil behanMay 23 2022, 2:59pmNo prob Marc, sorry just to clarify for those doing the short course, in advance I meant inform us at the sign in stage on the day. My mistake and thanks again.
Marc HartiganMay 23 2022, 3:27pmSpot on - thanks
Mikey FryMay 23 2022, 9:08pmJust a quick one phil need to get the race gear offf you for trooperstown so if you know anyone r are near south bray wickow direction give us a shout please??
Phil behanMay 24 2022, 8:45amNo bother Mikey, I'll get it out to you. I'll be in touch after the race. Thanks. Phil
Conor McMeelMay 24 2022, 7:03pmHi all, Is it still possible to enter this race? (I just saw the note RE entries closing by 6pm the evening before the race) - Thanks
Joseph BoyleMay 24 2022, 9:03pmConor, there's the option to enter if you have a voucher or you can try to purchase one from someone at the race. However these are getting harder to source as they're not available anymore.
Conor McMeelMay 24 2022, 9:21pmThanks Joseph,

Yeah I tried to buy a voucher on the IMRA, but they are not for sale anymore as you mentioned.
I live locally so might just show up and see if I can buy a voucher off someone to then enter. Thanks again!
Diana Whelan PorterMay 25 2022, 1:13pmJust wondering if there’ll be somewhere to leave a bag around the registration or start areas tonight, as we’re coming by public transport?
Conor O'FarrellMay 25 2022, 10:20pmHi All

Results are up. Please send any queries to I will not be able to answer any queries that come through the forum, so please use the email address above.

Derek HayMay 25 2022, 11:42pmWell done to all the volunteers, marshalls and organisers for what turned out to be a great race... with all those twists and turns the course marking was flawless, fair play and thanks.
Graham AhearneMay 25 2022, 11:50pmBrilliant event this eve. Great way to experience what the Howth trails have to offer.

Thanks so much to the volunteers that put in so much hard work prep’ing and managing the race. It is very appreciated.

Brilliant to see lots of kids running too!

Drinks and wrapped flapjack bars were v welcome at the end.
Gary Mason81May 26 2022, 5:25amHuge thanks to the volunteers & organizers.
Amazing course, with so much variety & incredible views.
Great spread at the finish, the flap jacks were perfect
Dave DochertyMay 26 2022, 7:51amCongrats to Phil and crew on a fantastic race. The course that just keeps on giving. Quite the achievement with such a small crew. With a lot of volunteers double and probably triple jobbing. Ask yourself, "have I volunteered yet?" And get on it!
Hugh McDowellMay 26 2022, 8:42amThanks for organising a great race and well done to the marshalls for managing such an intricate course, which had everything: thorns, nettles, gorse, etc
Phil behanMay 26 2022, 9:15amHi all,

Thanks to all the volunteers last night who did an incredible job, this race cannot happen without them. Thanks a million to Jo Boyle, couldn't have organised this without him also. He also helped me mark the course which took us 4 and half hours! As pointed out Howth is a tricky course and requires a fair few Marshalls, more than most races. Another issue is people removing tape along the route. This is something we might look at for next year, it happens as it’s a popular and busy spot and people might assume its litter. I have unclaimed category prizes that will be handed out at the next race. There are prizes for F40,F45,F50,F60,F55,F65,M55,M60,M65. You can pick them up at Trooperstown or get in touch with us and we can get them to you. Thanks again to our first aid officer Linda and Diane for helping 2 runners who picked up small injuries. Both are doing fine. Glad everyone enjoyed the flap jacks thanks to my wife and kids on that one. Hopefully see you all next year for the Howth Winter and Summer Races. With Trooperstown coming this Wednesday, give Mikey a dig out and volunteer. Thanks all.
Mikey FryMay 26 2022, 10:02amHey phil 0872464549 and will get gear please:)
Graham AhearneMay 26 2022, 12:28pmPut a report up there while its all somewhat still fresh in my mind. Bit verbose but hopefully it makes for a decent walkthrough of the experience.
Joseph BoyleMay 26 2022, 1:01pmExcellent report Graham and fantastic photos John. The view on the top of Shielmartin must've been good with the photos of other people taking photos.
Joseph BoyleMay 26 2022, 2:50pmA few photos from the 7:00PM start from CP1 location where I covered for a few minutes, I was very surprised by the first person through, number 837.
Paul MahonMay 26 2022, 3:21pmGreat job last night from Phil & his army of marshals in marking out a tricky course and the whole organisation at reg, start and finish.
It was a course that had something for everyone with the benign climbing and grassy start, Rhododendron forest trails, steep ups / down and plenty of flat bits not to mention some nice rocks and a section of road!
The drinks and Family Behan production of individually wrapped and home baked flapjacks were a fitting treat on a fab night :-)
Alan AylingMay 27 2022, 8:52am@Jody - Thanks but #837 isn't quite ready for the early start...yet

Fabulous course, lovely organisation, super marking and marshalling. Well done Phil and team. Getting an individually wrapped flapjack with a little label saying "You made it!" was the perfect ending. Best Howth race yet!
Hazel ThompsonMay 27 2022, 12:35pmWhat a course! So different to any Howth race I have done before. I was delighted to be given one of those tasty bars after the race. I’d love the recipe, if it was going :)
Jennifer ELVINMay 27 2022, 3:55pmEchoing everyone else's Thanks! Fantastically frantic course.... which had everything. Already working on my ankles for next year! :-)