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Robert CunninghamJan 18 2022, 8:18amEntries open for this event
Stephen O KeeffeJan 18 2022, 10:36amJust wondering has the distance been extended for this. Its usually around 6.5km but says 8.4km in the details.
Robbie WilliamsJan 18 2022, 3:09pmHi Stephen

Yep new course to a degree. 8.4km

Shorter course option approx 4.5km will start at earlier time TBD (approx 10:15am) this will also suit juniors
Stephen O KeeffeJan 18 2022, 3:59pmOh cool, a bit of variation is always good. Looking forward to that. Thanks Robbie.
Conor McElvaneyJan 19 2022, 8:29amCorrin would be my 1st time running one of these events , what footwear do we need for it ?
Barry WalshJan 19 2022, 11:00amHow’s it looking up there mud wise? Not much rain so not too sloppy I’d imagine?
ann lyonsJan 19 2022, 4:11pmTrying to book into this event but an issue with online payment is still not resolved. Anyone know can u pay o. The day?
Pól Ó MurchúJan 19 2022, 5:23pmHi Ann, The problem is with your phone number. You need to follow the instructions carefully and ensure the number is in the format required as per the instructions on the payment page.
Pat MurphyJan 19 2022, 6:29pmHi Conor I would highly recommend wearing trail running shoes
Pat MurphyJan 19 2022, 6:32pmHi Barry the course is dry enough at the moment and hopefully it will stay that way but I would highly recommend wearing trail running shoes
Conor McElvaneyJan 19 2022, 10:34pmThanks pat, my daughter is running the junior race, do you know that the course is ?? Also how does it work for her when she is running is there any chance of her getting lost?? Are there stewards??
Pat MurphyJan 19 2022, 10:46pmHi Conor the junior course will be well marked and marshals at major junctions
NEIL O'RIORDANJan 20 2022, 8:08amHi Pat,

I'm in Cork for the weekend and was hoping to take part, but I left my 2022 race no./bib (1036) back home in Kilkenny. Is there any chance I can still run? Can I get another bib on the day?


Colette O' DonoghueJan 20 2022, 8:11amHi Neil,
If you ask for a replacement/temporary bib at the Registration Desk on the morning, there should be no problem, once you are registered for the race.
NEIL O'RIORDANJan 20 2022, 8:14amHi Colette, that's brilliant, thanks for the swift response! Neil
Rob HillJan 20 2022, 11:03amHi Pat,

Is the short course just for Juniors or is it open to first time old codgers (like myself) also?

Pat MurphyJan 20 2022, 5:38pmHi Rob the short course is only for the juniors sorry
Pat MurphyJan 20 2022, 6:09pmHi Rob you can actually do the short course but you will be starting at 10.15 the same time as the juniors
Rob HillJan 20 2022, 6:14pmHi Pat, thanks for confirmation. Going to give the full length a shot!
Valerie NevilleJan 22 2022, 9:29pmHi,
I have registered for the 11:00 race, I’m wondering can I rock up with my 4 kids for the 10:15 juniors and register on the morning as online entries are closed?
Robbie WilliamsJan 22 2022, 10:07pmI’m afraid not.

We no longer do in the day entries.

All our system is now on line.
Robbie WilliamsJan 23 2022, 5:10pmMy first race of 2022 today at Corrin.

What a great day out.
Thanks so much to Pat Murphy snd his crew (a lot of Watergrasshill Runners) who have been getting this course ready for months.

It’s great for me to be able to rock up snd race without being stick in some sort of helping capacity.

The course and set up today was unreal, the work that went into design and set up was phenomenal. It’s probably my new favourite race now. There was so much help on the ground and so many volunteers this makes the events run seamlessly. Thanks to everyone that took their turn to give up their morning so the rest of us could run.

Please remember this organisation runs on volunteers. If you haven’t volunteered yet and have run 5+ races please put your name down so that the same folk aren’t caught to do it all the time. If you are a short course runner, volunteer at a long event. And if you love long events, help at a short one. No need to be a good or established runner to be a brilliant volunteer!

Thank you all again. IMRA Munster is the best thing about running that I know ! Well done everyone !
Paul RussellJan 23 2022, 6:57pmThanks a lot to everyone that organized today very well organized. Was my 1st time trying 1 of these races had great fun and torture at the same time. Cant wait to do 1 again
Brian FlannellyJan 23 2022, 7:34pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Robbie WilliamsJan 23 2022, 9:20pmIMPORTANT!

A reminder….

When showering I discovered 2 ticks from run. The winter is especially mild so doesn’t deter the critters as normal.

Had one in armpit even though I wore a regular Tee Shirt.

Check yourself/get someone to look you over if possible. Better safe then sorry.

Check protocol for removing online. It’s quick and easy.
Maureen LynchJan 23 2022, 9:45pmThanks so much to all who organised and ran to days event in Corbin. I left behind a yellow rain jacket with a Donoughmore AC logo.Did anyone find it please?
Maureen Lynch.
Pat MurphyJan 24 2022, 11:27pmHi Maureen I have your jacket if you email me we can arrange for it to be collected
Cora FentonJan 25 2022, 7:56amThanks to all the organisers for a lovely run in Corrin. It was lovely to have so many people out supporting at various spots throughout the course and the marshalls did a fantastic job on guiding us around even if I didnt want to turn right for the third time up that hill to the cross!
I have aways seen that cross when driving to Cork so it was lovely to check it out.
Paul CarrollFeb 27 2022, 8:27pmHi Maureen,
I have your jacket. If you contact me I can return it to you.
Maureen LynchFeb 28 2022, 10:24amHi Paul sorry for not getting back to you sooner. What way would it suit you best to return it to me?
Paul CarrollMar 7 2022, 7:02pmHi Maureen
Just checking you got your jacket back
Maureen LynchMar 8 2022, 9:45amHi Paul thanks so much .That jacket is back to where it belongs!