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Bill HallidenJan 17 2022, 7:06pmFor Brian McGukin from Bill Halliden: Brian contact me on if you want to catch up about logistics etc for the race
Brian McGuckinJan 22 2022, 1:54pmI need more volunteers for next saturday
a laptop operator is needed and maybe a baker to make some delicious cakes,
sign up now to avoid disappointment!!!!
Theo MooneyJan 24 2022, 7:59amWill 2 or 3 cakes do the job? I'll bring some along :) I'm not suitable for laptop operator but can bring some cakes :)
Brendan LawlorJan 24 2022, 9:30amHi

Is there any particular reason for the delay in opening entries for this race to 25th Jan ?
Pól Ó MurchúJan 24 2022, 10:21amIs there any particular reason to open it sooner... :-)

Will open this evening at 18:00 ;-)
Mikey FryJan 24 2022, 11:49amJust don’t let brendan in now he’s to panicky:))
Andrew HanneyJan 24 2022, 1:08pmIf you don't open it quick Brendan will write a Limerick about it.
Warren SwordsJan 24 2022, 1:21pmAndrew - Surely it's time for your annual reminder of how quickly the weather changes on Brockagh?
Brendan LawlorJan 24 2022, 1:24pmMy request is was very polite
Without sarcasm or ironic bite
So now Hanney and Fry
Heres a poke in your eye
You can both go and take a good....

The rhyme failed me at the last moment
Andrew HanneyJan 24 2022, 2:19pmLove it Brendan. @Warren I must get on that right way :) The moral of the story, run like Des to avoid the snow.
Andy McGeadyJan 24 2022, 11:29pmNovice question - what’s the course like compared to Howth last week?
Paul SmythJan 25 2022, 9:25amIs there some particular reason this event is €9 and all the others are €7?
Paul SmythJan 25 2022, 9:27amNever mind, just saw the €2 charge for the use of the facilities at Brockagh Res. Centre.
Warren SwordsJan 25 2022, 10:01amAndy - The course is on open mountain and a bit more muddy and not as rocky or solid underfoot as Howth.

It's a classic hill race in that it's straight up and down again with not too many twists or turns. Once you hit the summit, it's pretty much all downhill. The descent is great fun, with a steep grassy section that can be slippery.

In terms of effort, if you did Howth, you won't have any trouble with Brockagh.
Andy McGeadyJan 25 2022, 11:01am@Warren - nice one, much obliged. Howth was great fun and looking forward to Brockagh.
Benjamin DuboisJan 25 2022, 11:02amHi guys !

I want to go to this race but i don't have car and I live in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Does anyone is able to bring me to the race ?

Sorry if my message disturbe.
Lillian DeeganJan 26 2022, 8:32amMorning Benjamin,
We are in the process of getting the carpooling link back up for all events. In the meantime, we’ll try and get you sorted.

Members, if there is anyone who might be able to give this chap a lift to Laragh, might you post here.
Benjamin DuboisJan 26 2022, 12:58pmThanks Lilian !

I can move to Bray with the Dart or take any bus if it can help someone to pick-up me !

Laura FlynnJan 26 2022, 1:03pmHi Benjamin, I’ll be leaving from Terenure at around 9.30 am if you can make your way to me if you don’t get an offer closer to home for you. You can contact me at to make arrangements
Benjamin DuboisJan 27 2022, 10:04amGreat Thanks so much Laura !
I sent you an email yesterday. Mine is
Thanks !
Brian McGuckinJan 27 2022, 6:00pmhi all
I could do with a few more volunteers for this race particularly a shadow laptop operator, also the junior race will now start just after the main race, post refreshments in the Brockagh centre plus fabulous spot prizes.
Sarah O'KeeffeJan 28 2022, 11:03amHey Brian

I can help out as a laptop operator if you're still looking.
I'll be there spectating anyway, so let me know if you need the help still.

Brian McGuckinJan 28 2022, 11:13amHi Sarah,
yes that would be great, see you tomorrow.
Sarah O'KeeffeJan 28 2022, 12:09pmHappy to help!

What times suits? - feel free to drop me an email at
Angus TynerJan 28 2022, 4:24pmConflicting info,
We will have a mass start at 11:00 sharp. Juniors start time 10:50.
Junior/ short course will start after the main start

Which is correct?
Brian McGuckinJan 28 2022, 5:40pmJuniors will start after the main race, I tried to edit the details but it didn't seem to work.
Brendan LawlorJan 29 2022, 1:12pmThanks to Brian, Bill and crew for a great race today.

The return of the IMRA raffle was a particular highlight and with high falutin spot prizes from the National Gallery shop, it was good to see the four cans of Prazky beer included as well to stop us losing the run of ourselves !

Thanks Brian !
Maeve O'GradyJan 29 2022, 1:31pmHello, I have photos from the summit if it is possible to open a tab so I can upload? The sun was quite bright so apologies if they are not super sharp. Well done to all the runners.
Sean ForsythJan 29 2022, 2:45pmThanks to all the crew today, it was a great race.
Peter BellJan 29 2022, 3:15pmBig thanks Brian and crew for a great race. Perfect marking in that wind up top. Great to be able to finally meet up after for prizegiving and the Prazky Beers are going down nicely. Roll on Ticknock :)
Andrew HanneyJan 29 2022, 5:37pmWell done Brian and co for a great race at Brockagh. So good to be able to have those post race chats again, was sorely missed.
Caoimhin MacMaolainJan 29 2022, 6:00pmThanks Brian and all volunteers for putting on a great race today. So good to experience all the normal things again that we used to take for granted. Loved it!
Laura FlynnJan 29 2022, 7:05pmAnother great day out. Well done and thanks to Brian and his crew. Don’t like to single people out but fair play to Maeve on the wind-swept summit and to Niamh, once again, on the flawless marking.
Nice spot prizes too - I was impressed, and surprised I have to admit, to see the prizes from National Gallery were chosen before the Prazky beers !!
James H CahillJan 29 2022, 9:09pmThank you Brian and all the volunteers for a fun morning in the hills. The post run coffee and scones went down a treat......and personally I'm very pleased to see the raffle back, which increases my prize winning infinitely (zero to something is an infinite increase isn't it!) Great morning out, Thanks all.
Niamh O'CeallaighJan 30 2022, 8:47amHere is a link to some shaky video footage from the race. Hope I captured everyone! Well done everyone!
Richard MoriartyJan 31 2022, 10:44amJust to reiterate the thanks to everyone for a great morning of running, and a special thank you to say how much my young lad appreciated a prize in the Junior race. He hasn't stopped telling everyone about it over the weekend. You're all very kind
Roelie SmitJan 31 2022, 11:18amThanks to Brian and all his crew for a great morning out in the hills.
Conor NolanJan 31 2022, 2:23pmWell done Brain and team for great race, esp. Niamh for the re-marking after the night's gale (and for the movie).
Barry McEvoyFeb 5 2022, 3:38amReport up for this Race for anyone who likes to read the reports :)

Thanks Brian and Volunteers was a great morning out!!
Andrew HanneyFeb 5 2022, 11:17amThat's a great read and insight to the battle at the front. I realise of course it probably took longer to write than the race for you :)